Posted by: jkirkby8712 | October 30, 2010

Weather change

This is the first blog entry I have written in these pages, although I have been writing such things since 2006, initially through the Yahoo360 pages, where I found quite a number of interested readers, and vice versa. Most of those ‘friends’ disappeared when ‘360’ went out of action, so I transferred my writings to ‘Myspace’. However, apart from a couple of exceptions, I don’t there are too many readers, and now I see that changes are proposed to that site also! The manner in which MSN have been promoting their changes [due from March next year I think] sounded interesting, so I thought I might experiment with this site, and see how things go!! Might find some new friends, lol, of the writing variety!!  I notice tht the time specified for this blog is 6.12 am, mmmmm, must be GMT time, as I’m actually writing about 10 hours later! Will have to get used to that little hiccup!

Having arrived back from ‘sunny’ Queensland yesterday morning, today is a bit of a change in climatic conditions – here in Sunbury, since early afternoon, it has been raining steadily [and that I think applies to most of this part of Victoria] For me, a good excuse to stay indoors, catch up on some notes from my brief trip up north for blog inclusion [on Myspace up until now, but I think we might change that shortly], and, experiment with the new Stockpot I purchased yesterday!!
It’s all Jill’s fault [my sister in Queensland, with whom I was staying] –  she so impressed me with the atrributes of such a cooking vessel, that I decided there and then to get one for myself, and adapt another approach to my cooking.

Most of my cooking is for myself, but also for eldest daughter Susan on the occasions she eats with me. I often feel that I’ve produced an unsatisfactory outcome, so am always looking for a new approach. So right now, we are roasting a chicken with a wide selection of vegetables – I like the idea that I can just leave the food to cook without having to constantly be up and down checking on it’s progress – and I called it an experiment, well it is really! Susie finishes work at 7pm, I hope to have all finished and ready to eat by then, hope she is as satisfied with the result as I hope to be!!

Meanwhile, I’m taking advantage of the ‘indoor climate’ this afternoon, to have a look at the Derby Day races at Flemington – we are in the middle of the 2010 Spring Racing Carnival at present – the annual Melbourne Cup to be run next Tuesday – and a few of the prospects were lining up into today’s big races.  The weather might have looked okay when the first rce was run at 11.10 am, but by mid afternoon, it was a very dismal sight at the racecourse [much like here I suppose], and by the time of the Victoria Derby, the rain was heavy and consistent, and the track ‘heavy’. Unlike twelve months ago, when I was doing some regular race tipping on my local community racing station, I’ve not been so involved in following the horses week by week, so the carnival has crept up.  However, one of today’s winners – a horse called ‘So You Think’ and trained by the legendary Bart Cummings, really impressed me today – winning the 2,000 metre MacKinnon Stakes [one of four Group 1 races this afternoon] by a huge margin, simply turning up the gas and striding away from the rest of the field over the last 100 metres or so – a superstar galloper that has been breathtaking the way it has won it’s last few races consecutively, and while it has not yet been tested at the 3,200 metre distance of the Melbourne Cup, is almost certain to start that race as ne of the favourites. The way it ran away today, certainly impressed this writer!! Interestingly, Bart Cummings is in hospital this afternoon, watching the races – I seem to recall a sumilar situation last year, but his plan is to be back on ‘track’ by next Tuesday. He is in the 80s!!

Anyway, as the rain continues outside, my ‘cooking’ proceeds to bubble away [I hope it is anyway], it’s time to check the emails –  currently hearing from a number of people I’m sharing family history research with, and every new message generally brings an exciting new finding or piece of news not previously known [to me anyway].  Meanwhile, if anyone out there should happen to come across his [and subsequent entries], please get in touch, comments are always welcome, and acknowledged!!


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