Posted by: jkirkby8712 | October 31, 2010

Springtime rains continue!

Yes, it’s being raining for nearly 20 hours now, a lot of water on the roads, and hopefully, plenty getting into the dams and reservoirs, we need it all. Just a pity for all the weekend sporting events, and outdoor cultural & community activities which have been disrupted this weekend. It’s amazing how quite often, these rainy periods occur over the weekend!!

I’m not complaining though, back to work tomorrow, after a month off, and I’m quite happy to have an excuse not to be able to get out into the garden, go for a walk [though I should do that], but preferably relax inside with a book or two and some great music. I have actually just spent two hours listening to some wonderful music –  my normal Sunday morning begins with an early start of at the community radio station here in town, where I play for those listeners who care to tune in of a Sunday morning, a sewlection of strictly classical music – currently the only program of tht genre of music you will find on our station! Now while as the years pass, I’m finding it more and more difficult to be up for a 7am show on a Sunday, the enjoyment and pleasure I get from sharing one form of my music loves, quickly negates any feelings of not really wanting to bother. Those pleasures are accentuated, by the occasional early morning phone call from a listener, such as this morning’s caller – he’d been out of the countr for 6 months, and was apparently pleased to return and find Bill was still playing his classical music!!

Each Sunday, amongst other selections [including a ‘Mozart corner’, and a ‘Four Seasons’ selection], I include a major work of music by my ‘composer of the week’. This morning, we travelled to the rich selection of  composers from the United States, one Amy Beach [1867-1944], who was the first American woman to succeed as a composer of large-scale musical works.  She was born in an era when society expected women to marry and stay at home, and not have professional careers. But Amy would have none of that, and against opposition from family and society, became a concert pianist, and later, the USA’s first successful composer of major concert works. One such work was her ‘Gaelic’ Symphony – or Symphomy in E Minor, Op. 32, which she wrote between 1894-1896, and ironically, was first performed almost to the day – 30th October 1896 by the Boston Symphony Orchestra – appropriate as the score as actually dedicated to the then Director of that Orchestra. This morning’s playing was a more recent performance by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kenneth Schermerhorn, and was a Naxos ‘American Classics’ recording performed in 2002. Probably generally unknown to most music enthusiasts, it is performed in four movements, and makes use of four traditional Irish tunes in addition to original themes in the same idiom and spirit.  Music lovers who perhaps are familiar with some symphony music would generally ‘not’ come across composers such as Amy Beach, with her music generally played only on the dedicated ‘classic music’ radio stations. I like to be different.

Anyway, with my radio and shopping comitments attended to for the morning, I intend now to basically relax for the rest of the day. Reading an interesting book by a Burmese girl at present, and that is one of the things  I shall now turn to!!

Incidentally, I have an early ‘tip’ for next Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup [horse racing], now that the final field of 24 horses has been decided –  I may change my ‘final’ selection before then, but certainly expect No. 22 – Linton –  to put up a good show. Current return from a standard bet is $21.00.  Get on him!!

Meanwhile, the Australian ‘home’ international cricket season got under way today –  over in Perth,  an International Twenty/20 match between Australia and Sri Lanka –  Australia’s Summer of Cricket: Sri Lanka 3/135 defeated Australia 8/133 [visitors won by 7 wickets with 21 balls remaining].


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