Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 4, 2010

A brief Thursday note on radio options!

It was a reasonably good day today – the 3rd day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival week – I think they call today ‘Ladies Day’, when races such as the Crown Oaks,  the Spring Fashion Stakes, the Gucci Stakes, and the Promenade Stakes, etc are run, Certainly overnight and earlier this morning, it was looking as though all of the ‘fashions’ were going to be ruined by the weather, but the weather improved as the day proceeded. The final day of the carnival will be this Saturday.

Meanwhile, it was the night of our monthly radio Committee meeting, usually last between 90-95 minutes, but tonight seemed to drag on a bit, and for someome who was feeling weary before he got there, one can imagine what 9.45 was starting to feel like. It was however a useful meeting, and including a substantial report on a recent attendance at a major community radio industry conference by a local representative. Generally with community organisations, when you send someone off to a conference of that sort, you don’t expct to get a great deal of feedback [though of course you should, particularly if the organisation is meeting the costs]. This occasion was different, with an excellent report on the four days of the conference submitted by the member who attended. In a preamble to the report, the writer submitted a number of ideas or suggestions which he referred to as ‘valuable takeaways gained from the experience’  – areas where it was considered our station should follow through on. I won’t go into all of those ideas here, but a couple worth pointing out were the need for the station to get closer to it’s neighbour stations in nearby towns, with more collaboration and organised cooperation between us. To this point, not a great deal of initiative has been undertaken in this area, apart from our radio station welcoming two or three presenters from the other areas to actually present programs here, which currently happens. There was also the recognition that the Internet and Community Radio are inexorably linked in this current age, and more advantage and use needs to be made of that fact, and one means of doing that is to attract more of the younger generation to the station – it is that generation which seems to have a more practical ability and knowledge to make use of internet and other modern technological advances, and use this in the presentation and preparation of programs, etc. It was admitted, that in terms of age, there is currently an unintentional bias of presenters and members towards the more ‘mature’ age groups [including myself]! That aspect, and an urgent need to provide for further upgrading of our existing broadcasting technology, should be regarded as priorities for the near future!

Overall, if our people [all volunteers] are prepared to put the effort in, the ‘sky is the limit’ in terms of what we can make of this radio station we all enjoy being a part of. Quite an interesting, if tiring, evening.


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