Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 5, 2010

Spring arrives, a little late!!

Finally, we have a beautiful sunny Spring morning – and an earlier start for me, as Friday is the day I call briefly in at the radio station, and join one of our ‘few professional radio people’ on his morning program, for a brief look [10 minutes maximum] at local sport [and we occasionally throw in a few comments and results on the international sporting scene] plus of course ‘Bill’s tips’ for that afternoon’s gallops [wherever they may be]. On this occasion, a little extra time devoted to that segment with tomorrow being the last day of the Spring Racing Carnival.

Then it’s back out into the traffic and the daily grind of fighting the peak hour roads. Yesterday seemed to be particularly bad leading into the city, but I think I will have to start getting on my way about 10 minutes earlier than I have been lately, that 10 minutes can often be the difference between an additional 20/25 driving of a morning.

Most of the news headlines in today’s papers seems to be concentrated on the mishap with the Qantas plane yesterday, where an engine apparently exploded midair, necesssitating a forced emergency landing at Singapore.  Thankfully, the outcome was no worse than that. However, there seems to have been over the past year or so, a number of incidents involving Qantas[an airline generally considered rather safe], and one comment I heard this morning was that these incidents were coinciding with the outsourcing of servicing, etc of the big planes to ‘overseas’ companies – obviously cheaper to do it that way I guess, but if that is risking the good record and safety of flights, etc, thenn the practice needs to be urgently. Now I have no knowledge of those outsourcing procedures, just repeating an opinion expressed on the radio, but certainly the outsourcing of work and industries to overseas countries before it is economically beneficial to do so, whatever the industry might be, has also ‘worried’ me to some degree, with the concern as to why more effort is not put into encouraging Australian home based industriers to undertake much of the tasks that are outsourced. Obviously, itr’s not as simple as that, but I sometimes wonder if our regulations and restrictions, etc, are been directed in the wrong manner. More on that at a later date.

I shall return>>>>

The Australian summmer of cricket continues, the second of a three match one day [50 overs each] series against Sri Lanka, and again, Australia’s run of losses continues – no doubt getting the English  media more and more excited by the minute!! Tonight in Sydney, a rain affected match, saw the Aussies fall short again.  Sri Lanka:  3/213 defeated Australia: 210.


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