Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 7, 2010

Beethoven still popular

Over the past few days, the national broadcaster, through the ABC’s Classical music FM station has been featuring  the ‘Classic 100- Ten years On ‘ countdown, selections as voted on by the listeners to ABC Classics. This morning [after being on air for two hours, playing just that, classical music], I made a point of tuning into the ABC, in order to listen to and hear what the top three choices had been. As I had the house to myself, the music was appropriately loud, and as it turned out, wonderful to listen to.

And it seems that Beethoven is still on the top of the popularity lists when it comes to the regular listener of classical music. I feature his music every now and them, and in fact are currently working through each of his mine symphonies, playing one about every 6 or 7 weeks. But as I’ve noted before, I do also like to feature a wide range of composers in my program, including comtemporary, more modern composers, and our own Australian artists. But I think next week, Beethoven might have a special place. In the Top 3 listener choices that I have heard this morning, Beethoven filled all three slots, with two of his symphonies, and one concerto. No doubt many other of his compositions got into the top 100, but I haven’t seen the listing yet, nor have I had much opportunity to tune in over the past few days. Those three selections were;

1. Beethoven – 9th Symphony [the ‘Choral Symphony’], listening to this one as I write :-)]

2. Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 [the ‘Emperor Concerto’]

3. Beethoven:  6th Symphony [the ‘Pastoral Symphony’]

I’ve  already planned my show for next Sunday morning, and  have managed to include selections from all three of those selections in the schedule. Looks like an early start next week, as I have already scheduled in the 3rd to 5th movemejnts of Gustav Mahler’s very long 7th Symphony [75 minutes], of which I played the first two movements this morning – don’t usually do that, split a major piece of music, but with normally just two hours available to do the show, I decided that 1 1/4 hours allocated to just one piece was a bit much – hoped I didn’t upset any classical purists along the way!!


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