Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 8, 2010

Endulging in my sporting passion news.

I was interested to see overnight that Australia’s mototcycle champion, officially ended his contract with Ducati with a second position in the Valencia MotoGP – in fact he actually led for most of the race, but was overtaken by Lorenzo with about 8 laps to go. Stoner tried to regain the lead, but didn’t quite make it. This was the final race in the MotoGP 2010 season. In the end wash up, Casey Stoner finished 4th on the year’s overall championship ladder, with 225 points, behind Jorge Lorenzo [383], Dani Pedrosa [245] and Valentino Rossi [233].  Stoner won the championship in 2007, and the following year was named ‘Young Australian of the Year’. An apt title, as I always felt that he looked a lot younger than he really was, certainly back in 2007, and even now, just after turning 25, you would probably pick him as much younger.

Meanwhile, the Australian Summer of cricket continued yesterday, with the thid of the three one day matches against Sri Lanka. This game was held at the GABBA in Brisbane, where I was a few days ago, and finally saw the Australian team achieve a win after 7 losses in a row [I think it was] in all forms of cricket, defeating Sri Lanka by 8 wickets. Scores were Sri Lanka: 115.  Australia:  2 for 119.

As for my day in the office, well after a 40 year career, my major task today was stapling papers together, and enveloping notice papers for the organisation’s next General Meeting!! How the mighty have fallen, lol!!  Actually, in a staff of just three people, someone has to do the mundane tasks now and then, most of which we share around – I guess it was my turn today, as one of the many administrative roles of the organisation!!

Meanwhile, we were expecting some repairs to the storm damaged patio at home to be finally started today [I think the storm in question was nearly two months ago], but upon arrival home this afternnon, it was obvious that there had been no activity! Presumably another job came up and took priority.



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