Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 9, 2010

Tuesday ramblings, and a Tribute to Joan Sutherland.

It’s a beautiful morning, and I think that finally we may assume that the tail endings of a late wintry season are behind us, and things will begin to warm up from here on.

As I drove in towards the city this morning, my thoughts turned to years gone past, as I tried to put into some kind of context the past few decades in respect to the success or otherwise of my ’employment’ career, and depressingly, I came to the conclusion that in the broad viewpoint, it had been a failure. Sure plenty of individual successes along the way, jobs well done [in my view anyway], and some work achievements that I could rightly be proud of! However upon reflection, when you add all those different roles together [and there have been many of them since the mid 1960s], one can’t claim to have had a longterm successful pathway leading to major riches, any kind of fame, or fortune, or even the likelihood of a secure financial future. Most of those things have probably been sacrificed along the way – and not necessary in all cases, ways that one could regret –  family, voluntary workin community and as associated with the children’s education, and sporting and cultural pursuits –  for many people, time spent on those pursuits [by me] would have utilised to the ideals of accumulating wealth, pursuing faster and more successful advances in career paths.

As I reflected on all these things this morning, these realisations left your writer feeling a little sombre, but further thoughts will follow in trying to assess the real value and gains [and losses]  from following the directions I have! I shall return  to this train of thought at a later time!

Meanwhile. at the Opera House in Sydney this morning, there weas a Memorial Service for the late Joan Sutherland, who passed away a few weeks ago. There were the usual range of speeches and tributes, including a lenghy one from Julia Gillard [Prime Minister]. But the words that mattered the most came from friends and family. I got the impression [confirming peior knowledge] that Joan Sutherland was not just one of Australia’s greatest singers, but also a very warm and understanding human being, and this was further illustrated through some of the comments made in this morning’s service, some from her son, others from associates and friends.

Remarks included – no airs and graces; a real team player; a warm, human person; integrity and honesty as a performer; the public loved her, and loved them in return – at the end, she said that she didn’t miss the performancesso much, but missed the people; loyal; never assumed that things would always go well just because they had in the past – always revised her scores before a performance no matter how many times she had acted and sung the role; and from her son, she was dedicated to family, friends and work colleagues; will always give us pleasure for the rest of our lives through her cds, dvds, etc.

The Memorial Service concluded with the voice of the Diva herself – a recording of Dame Joan Sutherland singing ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ – I can imagine [from my own feelings], that would have been a very emotional and moving few moments at the Opera House, and I guess that was confirmed at the conclusion of the recording, by sustained applause of some minutes duration, of the kind that Joan Sutherland would have received hundreds of times after her live performances [and this was simply a recording]. The emotion didn’t end there – as the audience departed from the Opera House, there was a further recording [an ‘encore in death’ if you like] of her singing a beautiful aria from the opera ‘Norma’!   As indicated, to myself personally, rather a passionate and emotional ending to a special tribute to a great Australian.

We had a friend of the radio who had lost a relative in the last few days, so in the hope of cheering her up a little, I had a small segment in tonight’s Show music program, devoted entirely to Scottish music and songs  – some of the great old traditional melodies and airs such as Mull of Kintyre, Loch Lomond, Sky Boat Song, Flower of Scotland, and so on. I usually do that each week – call it a bit of an ‘interval treat’ where I put the show music aside for about 20 minutes, and play something completely different – and not just different on the night, but week by week, I choose a different style of artist, or genre of music! I didn’t really identify why I was playing Scottish music tonight – our friend would have caught on immediately, but my excuse was that I simply felt like it!! Certainly it was a bit of a contrast to some of the other tracks I featured in tonight’s show – Pearl Bailey and Marilyn Horne for eg, with songs from ‘Carmen Jones’ – or ‘Riverdance’ from Bill Whelan’s ‘Riverdance Musical’!!  I enjoy my music shows, and hopefully, the occasional listener does also, lol!!  Home much later than usual this week, as I stayed back at the studio for a while to ‘lend my voice’ for a sponsorship message, hence ended up eating a hastily prepared meal, which included some ‘hot’ calamari chips – mmm, can’t complain, Susie did warm me that they were ‘a bit hot’!!! Could be an uncomfortable night coming up!!!


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