Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 10, 2010

A retrospective on the 2010 Election campaign from the Liberal view!

From time to time, we come across little bits of philosophy that ring a bell of sorts, kind of fit in with some of the reasoning one might have held at some point in time. The following was such an example – it was a response sent to an ABC Big Ideas forum a couple of days ago, and while I’ve not been able to clearly define what the original question was, the response tells it’s own story, and it went like this:-

“This just reinforces my belief that we humans are basically ignorant, unintelligent Stone Age or Neanderthal’s wearing suits and carrying Laptops. Our Technology has advanced thank’s to a couple percent of our numbers who are intelligent and can reason, the rest of us are just users and if the modern equivalent of the Library of Alexandria was destroyed (Our Computers etc) where all our information is stored then it would takes us more than 1,500 years to regain that knowledge. This is because very few of us are intelligent (able to reason).  I hold out very little hope for our tiny planet with so many deluded humans on board”.

Certainly, not much room for optimism there, nor is there much encouragement for, in faith in, those more than just a couple of percent of us, who might feel that they are a little more than a ‘mere ignorant Stone Age’ type, and have been able to contribute something to that store of knowledge!!

Putting aside theoretical concepts, I was more interested in an address to the National Press Club in Canberra, which occured today I think. It was delivered by the Federal Director of the Liberal Party in Australia, and basically spelt out the things that went wrong for the Rudd Labor Government from it’s election in 2007 – obviously, it will be immediately claimed as a biased load of Liberal spin, yet if you read it closely, there’s a high degree of factual material in there, which in this age of technology, we could all see happening as time went along. Nevertheless, I imagine the same topic, if addressed by the President of the Labor Party would sound very different  – or would it? Afterall, there were fairly sound reasons by Mr Rudd was replaced by Julia Gillard – in her own words, the Rudd Government had lost it’s way’. The Press Club speech demonstrates how. I want to record it here, for future reference and comparison, with other opinions and theories that are sure to arise over the year’s ahead.  However, as it is a very long address, I’m reluctant to impose it in it’s entirety upon my readers, so I’ve decided to include it as a separate entry, on it’s own on the morrow!

Meanwhile, another address of a different nature I listened to tonight –  in attending, as an invitee, the Annual Dinner of the Sunbury Historical and Heritage Society, I gained the opportunity to hear the views from a representative of the Hume City Council, on the future prospects and anticipated changes to the town of Sunbury, and I found it both enlightening [and also a bit frightening] to hear of some of the hoped for developments in term’s of the town’s advancements in areas of shopping precinct improvements, traffic, parking, and the likely spread of residential expansions planned in most directions from the present town boundaries. So far, the success in levels of development around areas such as town streetscapes, shopping facilities and sundry services, restaurants, and sporting and cultural facilities,  in the 27 years since I have been here,  have also  created their share of negative aspects,  such as traffic congestion, lack of adequate parking, major  exit/entry problems for the town, and public transport inadequacies to many of the new expanding areas. With all the future plans of further expansion outlined tonight, one has to wonder whether the infrastructure side of things is going to be able to keep up [something which is not necessarily a problem common only to Sunbury].



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