Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 18, 2010

Family revelations!!

I was reading an email  tonight, from a distant relative, 3rd or 4th cousin removed or thereabouts, and we were comparing the outcomes of our respective local family history society annual meetings [the Sunbury equivalent was held yesterday, and thankfully my short lived role of acting President, didn’t need to continue, as a full committee was put together, and apart from a general committee position for this writer, I ‘escaped’ the need to put my hand up for any of the more executive roles].

Anyway, my email correspondent had been searching some old newspapers on line for me, and came across some reports concerning the two original ancestors who came out here to Australia, and other aspects of the family –  reports that actually answered a few unanswered questions that had been floating around for years!  I’m not going into the details now until I’ve seen confirmation of what I’ve being told – suffice to say, it’s the most amazing piece of ‘family history information’ I’ve come across in over 30 years. Details that seemed to have been suppressed down through the generations!

Actually, yesterday was a bit of a mixed day – had to take the day of paid work to undertake some tasks relating to my voluntary work, beginning with some banking responsibilities for the radio station, followed by the meeting of the Family History Society – most of the members of that group are retired or not working, so a meeting in the middle of the day followed by lunch at the football club suited everyone [except me] – however, because of the precarious position that the organisation was in, I took the time off, as I had promised to see the Society through to the AGM at least. Later in the afternoon, it was a ‘coffee date’ with a good friend whom I don’t catch up with much these days – she and her husband helped me out quite a bit when I was unemployed, and at the time my wife and I separated, but because I work out of town these days, and both of us have stopped our regular attendances at the church, we seldom catch up [except through Facebook, lol]. Anyway, that was a pleasant hours interlude,  and this time, I just had the one coffee  –  our meetings of this nature in the past, usually with a couple of other friends, generally revolved around coffee and cake  [try plural for the cake part!!].

I must have had an omen, for following that,  I had a doctor’s appointment –   my mood was a little low, from that point onwards. He more or less told me that I was not looking after my ‘diabetes’ problem, which was a bit disappointing, as I felt I have been working very hard on the various aspects of ‘care’ for that situation – not perfect, I know, but a vast improvement on a year or so ago!  I’d even been feeling better! Not according to Dr ‘Larry’!!  Oh well, back to the drawing board! Couple of his comments were not very encouraging, quite dispiriting in fact.

Of course none of that was helped by another ‘meeting’  I had earlier that morning – in the street, ran into one of my former bosses & his wife, both older than me, and who told me that they were not on any form of medication, both in excellent health. And he had been a smoker [and a heavy drinker]!!  Strangely enough, last night, I was not really feeling in the brightest of moods. Think that carried over into the office this morning, where I found myself alone for most of the day, my two co-workers elsewhere, and yours truly really wished he was somewhere else. Even came home to an empty house tonight, as Susie has gone into the city for a concert or something!!  Plenty to do, but think it’s the night for a book.


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