Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 20, 2010

Friday into Saturday as the weather warms up!

A beautiful Spring day this Saturday, just what the local Uniting Church ordered for it’s annual ‘Car boot and craft stalls’ sale day. Not been so involved with the church ctivities these days, I had no role to play, but I did call in briefly this morning – to greet a few people, and browse the bookstall [always one of my favourite occupations].  I’d actually forgotten about the sales – despite advertising it on the radio station over recent weeks –  was reminded following an early morning visit to the town centre, for a routine blood test, a visit to the chemist, fruiterer, and other spots. The hive of activity around the Village Green and the Uniting Church [located on the ‘Green’] jogged my memory, and I was pleased that they had achieved such a glorious sunny morning. Two years ago, this function was washed out to a large extent, when one Saturday in the middle of the drought, produced a few hours of heavy rainfall – it was probably the only day in weeks, that it had rained that year!!

Over the past 24 hours or so, I have been doing some research on my family history – or more to the point, writing up a section of the ‘book’ that I have been working on for many years now, albeit slowly!  The new information I received on Thursday night has inspired the spending of a bit of extra time on this ‘interest’. I have so much material that has been collected from various sources over the years, but I never seem to have allocated the time [or been able to] to consolidate a lot of the material.  That is what I have been working towards over the past two or three months, and while a little tedious at times, it is also a fascinating ‘occupation’, always something new is being learnt or found, but as is common in most aspects of genealogy, one problem solved, or query answered, is another mystery created.  Family history is a never ending task!

We are receiving disturbing news from New Zealand of a mine explosion overnight,  with between 20-30 miners and contractors trapped underground after a massive explosion in the mine.  Initially yesterday, attempts to rescue the 29 miners trapped bythe explosion were delayed because of fears of another blast caused by a gas build up, although I ubderstand that rescue attempts are now been undertaken.  There has been no communication with the missing men since an explosion in the Pike River mine on Friday, but the owners continued to holdout hope the missing men were still alive

Blast fears stall New Zealand mine rescue

The missing miners range in age from a 17-year-old, believed to be on his first shift, to a 62-year-old and included at least two Australians and three British workers as well as New Zealanders. They are about 2.5 kilometres into the mine tunnel although only about 150 metres (500 feet) from the surface.  From reports coming through today,  the prospects of a ‘Chile type’ rescue seem rather dim, but one can only hope for a successful search.


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