Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 26, 2010

Storms hit Sunbury, as State prepares for election day!

I was hoping to get back to Sunbury this evening before the storm hit  – there had been warning signs along the freeways re ‘severe thunderstorms, flash floodimg imminent!  Well, I almost made it, just reached the outskirts of town when ‘all broke loose’, as they say. In a matter of five minutes many of the lower lying intersections and other parts of the roads around Sunbury were awash with fast rising water. Sunbury has many hills around and within the town, and most of them lead to lowpoints – when we get the kind of 20 minute downpour like what hit me as I reached the town, the water rushes to those lower points. Added to that, it suddenly became quite dark, and I was finding it extremely difficult to see clearly through the windscreen. However at least I was in the town, not out on one of the surrounding country roads or highways [just hoped Jodie wasn’t out in this – I knew the boys were both watching the cricket from brisbane on TVs somewhere, and Susan was at work, was just worried about the whereabouts of my youngest].

A couple of times, I wondered if I should pull over and stop but decided that as the rain wasn’t slowing down, and I really didn’t have far to go [having already decided to forego the planned shopping visit and head straight for home], it would be better to continue – traffic was heavy and relatively slow because of the waterlogged intersections I was going through – so we kept going. Looking at a report later on, it sounded as though we were in the middle of the worst of it – ‘thunderstorms and flash flooding have hit the northern suburbs of Melbourne [with] South Morang [to the north east of here] and Sunbury alresady experiencing the brunt of the bad weather’. So I wasn’t imagining it!!!

  • Freak storm hits MelbourneThis isn’t Sunbury, so obviously other parts including the citry were hit pretty hard by the rain, hailstones, thunder and lightning, as the following report indicates

“UPDATE 7.38pm: WILD storms ripping through Victoria have prompted hundreds of calls to state emergency services.   Winds of more than 100km/h have wreaked havoc across the state, and the trip home is already turning into a nightmare in Melbourne, with major train and traffic delays across the city.Wild storms left a trail of damage in Victoria’s west before hitting Melbourne a short time ago.  By 7.30pm, the State Emergency Service had received 1160 phone calls for help as the worst of the storm front passed the central region.Heavy rain was being dumped from Geelong to Werribee just before 5pm as the fast-moving storm front hit the city”.    That front reached us here in Sunbury at around 5.30pm.  Three hours later, all is relatively calm outside, still raining, and strong gale force winds are expected through during the night

Meanwhile, up north in Brisbane, the Ashes Cricket almost got through a full day’s play until cut the day short late in the afternoon.  At Stumps on Day 2 of the First Cricket Test between England and Australia, the Aussie team, in response to England’s score yesterday of 260, had taken their own score to  5 wickets for 220 runs, still 40 behind the English.  Unbeaten, on a score of 81 not out is Michael Hussey who has restored the Australian score after a middle order batting collapse. Hussey himself considers the game is evenly poised after two days, which is probably a fair statement.

Meanwhile in the world of politics, the Victorian State election is to held tomorrow. This morning, I called in briefly on to the way to work, at the radio station to give my Friday morning sports report, and the on air host mention that he hoped to have the two leading contenders in our electorate on air, about an hour later for a bit of a debate about the main issues. I realised that I would be out of the car and in the office by then [where I can’t pick the reception from Sunbury], but somehow managed to get back out to the car as ‘Ron’ was interviewing the sitting Government Labor Member, Joanne Duncan – she was actually on the phone [Ron had been expecting his guests to come into the studio I think] but at least she put in an appearance at the time requested. Her Liberal opponent didn’t turn up  – well, not on time anyway, I think he came in just about the time the interview with Joanne finished. I heard him speak briefly but couldn’t keep listening. In between those two interviews, I couldn’t resist a brief note on Facebook, which was quickly followed by a second one  – neither of which, strangely enough created any response, which was a little surprising. Perhaps it was just as well!!……………..I said: -“Congratulations to 3NRG’s Ron Bourke for ‘attempting’ to get the leading Macedon candidates for tomorrow’s State election to debate on air this morning, the issues  –  thanks to Joanne Duncan for at least finding the time to accept Ron’e request. Where were you, Tristan, missed a great opportunity for some last minute self/Libs promotion?”……………………….a few moments later I had to retract that ‘accusation’ with……………”Ahhh, I was too quick, he came in late, can’t pick ‘my’ station up in the office, my apologies – good effort anyway Ron, great presenter for interviews!!”

As for the election, the general view seems to be that the outcome could be very close, though hopefully at the kind of deadlock that took place at the August Federal election! Well, we have had all of the promises and commitments from all sides as to what ‘their’ Party is going to do for the rest of us – though of course, ‘politician’s promises’ need to often be taken with a grain of salt!  My personal prediction is that the Labor Government, which has been in power in Victoria since 1999, will be re-elected again, even though 12 months ago, that seemed an unlikely proposition. The Liberal/Nationals Coalition opposition seemed to be in the box seat, but their leader, Ted Bailleau, has not I consider, inspired Victorians enough to consider him an appropriate Premier of this state.  I think he is a nice enough guy, but not sure if nice guys necessarily make a strong and decisive leader.  There feels like something is ‘lacking’ in that respect, but then, I’m just looking at it from the perspective of an outsider, and maybe that is the kind of character Victorians are looking for – but will that be enough to get voters to put him in front the current Premier, Labor’s John Brumby, who in the past few weeks has presented himself in ways we have not seen him before – as a family man, trying to identify with the general populace.  We should know one way or the other within 24 hours!


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