Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday

I guess not really lazy, as I did spend almost 5 hours at the radio station, in the early morning and late afternoon with two very different music programs, but admittedly, inbetween those two shows I was not terribly energetic or  active. I did make a couple of comments through Facebook about yesterday’s election, in response to a friend’s query. Asked how I was going to celebrate the ‘possible’ change of government, my response was as follows:-            “You know, I’m really not sure that we have much to celebrate, yet, if at all, I mean to the average Victorian, does it really make that much difference which of the two major parties is in power? So long as we keep those other ‘extreme’ and…(tharr be more) narrow minded groups from exerting more influence than they deserve. It’s probably good for Australia in broad terms that our system means that after two or three [sometimes more] terms in office, a Party gets on the ‘public’s nose’ a bit and we have a change of government – we think that there is a large group of Labor/Liberal fanatics who will never change their views, but election results prove that a fair percentage of the population do change their minds and attitudes every couple of elections – the ‘swinging’ voters are good for a democratic society because they have that opportunity. A lot of commentators are talking about the importance of ‘the time for a change’ philosophy, and while it can be a weak ‘excuse’ for a poor performance [and in my view was over-used by the Labor rep on the ABC panel last night], I think there’s something in it. It seems to have influenced the thinking in our electorate where the Labor members at both Federal and State level have had an ‘easy ride’ for a decade – I mean in the Fed election in August, there was barely a sqeak from the Liberal candidate and the Party in this area – Maria Van deserved to win that one in a canter because no-one bothered to make much effort to oppose her. At least this time, Triston Weston had a go, and I personlly hope it pays off for him whatever the final result at the State level”.  Received various brief comments but no serious response to that contribution!  Of course, it may be a few days before we know the outcome of the election – it seems the odds are just favoring the Coalition, but on the local front, while the Liberal man is just in front of the sitting member, Joanne Duncan, it apparently is assumed that she will eventually win after the distribution of preferences.  A pity!

Meanwhile, Day 4 of the cricket test – it was certainly England’s day this time. They batted all day, initially chasing 220 runs to force Australia to bat again, and by Stumps on Day 4, the English score had moved to 1 wicket down for 309 runs!!!  Andrew Strauss [captain] 110; Alaistair Cook, not out 132; and Jonathon Trott not out 54. So England lead by 88 runs, and it looks as though, with one day to go, the match is headed for a draw, unless there is a dramatic batting collapse by the English players tomorrow. Doubtful!!


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