Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 29, 2010

Moody Mondays!!!

Certainly, that is the way the day started after a night of very poor sleep, this writer didn’t really want to go anywhere this morning. When we eventually did get on the road, we immediately made the wrong choice as to which route to travel [I have two options of a morning], and as a consequence, a stretch of highway just out of Sunbury that is normally traversed in 3 minutes, took over 25 minutes this morning. Had it been because of an accident, I would have been much  less annoyed than I was to discover that this monstrous delay at peak hour on a 110 kph stretch of road was due to road works been set up early!!!  A little bit of forsight on someone’s part could have avoided all that hazzle – but then sometimes, I think these ‘road people’  do things like that for a bit of a laugh!!  Well supervisor on the Calder Highway this morning, it wasn’t funny!

Meanwhile with respect to the outcome of the weekend’s State Election, it would not be until late this afternoon before the existing Labor Premier, John Brumby finally accepted the inevitable, and conceded defeat for the outgoing government, when he realised that his Party was not going to be able to win enough seats to retain the government. So it seems that as of tonight, Victoria has a new Government – the Coalition of the Liberal Party and the Nationals, and  new Premier of Victoria will be Ted Bailleau. Obviously I’m quite happy about that because ‘my team’ has won for a change!!!  Not so certain, is our own electorate here, the Macedon seat – apparently the vote counting is continuing and is still very close, although most pundits seem to be giving it to Labor’s Joanne Duncan, again!  That will be a pity, as I would have liked to see this electorate fall in line with the new Government, and have it’s first Liberal representative for a decade.  We will have to wait on that one.

The news in the cricket was not so good – for Australia –  while we didn’t lose, we didn’t win either, with the match ending in a draw after another mammoth batting display by the two English batsmen who finished yesterday’s play not out. That’s where they stayed until the game ended this afternoon  –  not out, and broke various records along the way, the most impressive of which was the  biggest partnership scored in Australia by England in the history of the game.  This report from

“England will head for Adelaide tomorrow still convinced they can win the Ashes after Alastair Cook led their second-innings escape from the Gabba.  Cook was the cornerstone in record stands of 188 with his captain and fellow opener Andrew Strauss and then an all-comers’ best against Australia down under of 329 with Jonathan Trott for the second wicket.  He finished unbeaten on 235 – his first double-hundred in first-class or Test cricket – alongside Trott (135no), as England declared on an astonishing 517 for one.  After Strauss’ 110, this was the first instance since 1924 of England’s top three batsmen each making centuries.  The circumstances of the feat made it all the more notable, after England had begun their second innings needing 221 runs simply to make their hosts bat again in the first Ashes Test.  Few made much of their prospects of rescuing a stalemate at that point, even on an ever-improving pitch”.  The English scorecard showed  Strauss 110; Cook 235 not out; and Trott 135 not out, leaving the team at the end of their innings, when they declared, on 1 wicket for 517 runs!!  That record partnership between Cook and Trott –  329 runs!!    The final team scores were England: 260 and 1/517 declared.  Australia: 481 and 1 for 107 at the end of the match.

On the world front, I’m a little concerned that  the United States  is going to go ahead with it’s planned joint US-South Korean military exercises [war games if you like] in the Yellow Sea, despite China’s concern that the exercises may provoke Pyongyang [North Korea] into further aggressive action against the South.  At the same time  the South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak has vowed to make North Korea “pay the price” for its “inhumane” artillery attack last week  on a frontline South Korean  island that killed four people and sparked global outrage.  Lee had come under pressure to take a tougher line against Pyongyang after his military’s counter-fire following North Korea’s deadly artillery strike on a border island last week was seen as feeble.  I suppose he has to respond in such a manner, but it strikes me as being a further inflammatory reason for the North Koreans to get ‘trigger happy’!  It’s a very precarious situation up there on that peninsula, and I worry that somehow Australia will get dragged [again] into any longterm conflict that might arise, and all of the ramifications that could arise from that.

I mentioned at the beginning of this contribution, that the day had been preceded by a poor night’s sleep!  I have these moments when I begin to worry and think about all the various little tasks I’m trying to get completed on the home front, and realise that the middle of the night is not the time of day to dwell on such matters!  Unfortunately, my mind is apparently not always disciplined enough to obey the obvious, and occasionally decides to go to work at the most inconvenient times!!!  Bahh!!!!



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