Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 30, 2010

The local perspective!

In an article in today’s local newspaper, the Liberal candidate in the local electorate [Tristan Weston], who looks as though he will just be beaten when the final count of votes is ascertained, had a couple of useful comments, which to my mind, suggested it was a pity he was going to fall short. The item, in the Macedon Ranges Weekly Community Voice noted that:-

“Mr Weston, a police detective, told the Weekly that regardless of the final result, he was satisfied with the job he did. ‘Obviously it would be great if we can win. It’s too early to call it one way or another, but there’s nothing I would have or could have done differently. I think the days of the local MP sitting back comfortably are over. This is a marginal seat now and everyone knows marginal seats will usually be looked after. I’m very happy with that and think the people of Macedon can look forward to more attention from their local member’. Mr Weston said the Liberal Party’s policies for Macedon had been formulated after consultation with the community. He said if a Liberal government came to power, it would honour its promises irrespective of who the local member was.  ‘Both Joanne Duncan and the [former] government have been sent a message. If they want to claim a [local] victory out of this, it’s a victory in name only because she’s being given a crystal-clear message that the community are not happy with how she or her government were doing things. I think she’s being told in no uncertain terms to lift her game. If she stays local member she’s on notice.  I think I’m done an enormous job for the community by making it a marginal seat'”.

I couldn’t agree more, and as I commented on here a few days ago, the current member, who looks like continuing in that role,  has had it far too easy for the past decade, and before this election, has barely had to do much to keep her seat!  This time, the Liberals made a determined effort with a good candidate, and while they may have fallen short, have made everyone realise that this electorate could change hands very quickly next time. around


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