Posted by: jkirkby8712 | December 3, 2010

World Cup bid fails

I awoke in the early hours of this morning, found my radio still humming away, and soon afterwards heard the news from Switzerland  –  Australia had [not surprisingly in my view] not been successful in it’s bid to host the 2022 World Cup Soccer finals. In fact, what did surprise me was that the vote went to the Middle eastern country of Qatar, which as I would comment in Facebook later on, strikes me as a choice for money – in an unpleasant climate, and basically unpleasant country as far as tourism might be concerned!!  While as I suggest, the hopes of Australian being successful were far more optimism than a likely reality, those supporting the Aussies’ bid team etc, were certainly shattered and bitterly disappointed by the overnight decision.  It was an equally disappointing night for  the English, who had been hoping to get the right to host the 2018 World Cup. That decision went to Russia!!  It simply becomes so obvious that money plays such a dominant role in all these decisions!!  Our national team captain [Lucas Neill] had this to say about the result –

“Hand on heart, I honestly thought we ticked all the boxes for our bid.   “Let’s be honest, it’s incredible to think that we can only get one vote up against the likes of the countries we were up against. But we accept it and we move on.”   Neill admitted it would be a while before Australia would get the rights to host the World Cup but felt the bid committee did all it could in their attempts to capture the 2022 tournament.   “It’s unfortunate it’s going to be a long time before we get another opportunity to bid but we have really done Australia proud,” he added”.

That disappointment must have rubbed off on our cricket team!!  The 2nd Test against England, in the Ashes Series started today, and Australia batted  – not very well  –  in fact, we had our worst ever start to a Test match, losing the first three wickets for just 2 runs, as opener Simon Katich was run out on the 4th ball without even facing a ball, captain Ricky Ponting came in, and was out immediately first ball, and two runs later, vice captain Michael Clarke was out!!! I didn’t hear about any of that until much later, and I think I’m rather about that!!  In the end, by the close of play on Day 1, Australia were all out for 245 runs [our best scorers were the heroes of the First Test, Michael Hussey [just missed another 100, out for 93] and Brad Haddon.  England were 0 wicked for 1 run at stumps!  Certainly was England’s day in the cricket!!


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