Posted by: jkirkby8712 | December 7, 2010

Ashes in ashes while the bugs wreak havoc

From the Sydney Morning Herald tonight –

“Australia’s Ashes hopes are in tatters after their last-day capitulation at the Adelaide Oval allowed England to take a crucial 1-0 series lead.  Resuming at 4-238, the hosts lasted only 20 overs before falling at 11.27am for 304, with Peter Siddle the last man out, giving off-spinner Graeme Swann a five-wicket haul. The result, a loss by an innings and 71 runs, is Australia’s first innings loss to England since the Boxing Day Test of 1986 [which from memory, I was a spectator!!] Australia must now win at least two of the last three Tests of the series to win back the Ashes. Furthermore, if England win any of the last three Tests it would be impossible for Australia to win back the urn, as a drawn series would go in favour of the holder: England”.  Final scores in the Second Test at Adelaide  –   England: 5/620.  Australia: 245 and 304.    Enough said!!

Don Bradman would have turned in his grave at the Australian cricket performance. But then, he would have moved on like I did tonight – and listened to some music.  In fact during tonight’s show music program, I played a couple of track from a two CD set of ‘The Music that Don Bradman Liked’  –  tonight, Paul Robeson’s ‘Ole Man River’ [from Showboat],  Harry Secombe singing ‘If I Ruled the World’ [from Pickwick], and Mario Lanza’s ‘Golden Days’ [from The Student Prince].   I also played some songs from an album by the Irish singer Ronan Keating called ‘Songs for my Mother] which was released last year – this was a Cover album, so they  were his version of songs recorded by other people. While I generally prefer to play a singer presenting an original song, the Keating version of songs such as Time after Time, Both Sides Now, and Vincent. There was one song which I’d not heard before named ‘Mama’s Arms’. In the CD liftout, Keating wrote “This song got me through my mother’s passing. It tells the story of a young boy dealing with his mother dying. Regardless of what age you are, it’s hard to say goodbye to your Ma’

Earlier, I had another slow day at the office today, after ‘another’ poor sleep  – woken by a painful ankle affliction, I knew I would have to live through it for most of the day – the inflammatory tablets take the best part of the day to get rid of that problem,  which seemingly started from the little lawn mowing exercise on Saturday!! Must be something to do with the way I push the machine around!!

A couple of hours north of here, this is a problem which is creating major concerns – as reported in the media,  “Warm weather across Victoria could worsen a locust plague already threatening to become the state’s worst in 75 years as the pests pop up in Melbourne. The highest-density swarms – more than 50 locusts per cubic metre – have been sighted around Echuca in northern Victoria as they head south. Swarms have also been reported across central Victoria but the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) says they are not posing a serious threat to crops. Department of Primary Industries (DPI) state locust director Rob Walker said warm weather on Monday provided favourable conditions for the locusts to breed across most of Victoria. But further rain was expected to stop the locusts swarming.\  Mr Walker said the movement of locust swarms was unpredictable but swarms varying from low to high density had been reported from areas along the Murray River and south of Swan Hill’. In fact, I see that tomorrow’s forecast is for heavy rain and thunderstorms across much of the state, but that kind of relief from the locusts is only going to provide a temporary hiccup to the problem, and in some areas, I understand the situation is worse than the scenario painted in the preceding media report.



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