Posted by: jkirkby8712 | December 9, 2010

A little ‘online’ discussion!

It was only a few days ago that the electoral result in this electorate [Macedon] was finally decided after a recount of votes, and a very close call. The result went to the sitting Labor member, Joanne Duncan, probably the first time she’s had to ‘sweat out’ an election outcome. I personally felt that was a good thing for the future of this electorate [even if the wrong side won, from my viewpoint!].  I couldn’t resist, in view of some recent comments by others, to have my little say on the matter, and it went like this  –  ‘Well, it seems that congratulations are due to Joanne Duncan, finally, at retaining this electorate. for Labor. Meanwhile, well done Triston, best effort here in 10 years, and at long last, the Members in this part of Victoria at both State and Federal level can no longer just coast along, and take their position for granted, but will have to earn & fight for the right to be our representatives’.  I did get a few expected responses, though they were fairly kind to me, no real aggro, but making sure that the successful candidate’s past ‘achievements’ were recognised. An example  –  ‘And Joanne has done just that Bill- earnt her right to be our representative. You only have to look around our town to see what she has done compared to the days when we had a Liberal Member- the only thing he did for us in four years was put Sunbury in Hume and vote for tolls on the Tulla!’  [obviously spoken as  a true to the bone Labor supporter, in fact he was a candidate for Labor in the Upper House].  In fact, I partially agreed with my correspondent there, in respect to  the former Liberal member referred to, and on that point, there was generated a few other comments from other friends during the discussion. 

 Anyway, I thought that I’d better continue with a response, which was:-  ‘Point partially taken, but I consider that the development of the past ten years would have happened whoever the Member was, but instead of this continual jibing we get, about what happened in history, let’s look forward shall we! Joanne can really prove her worth, from the Opposition, if she is as good as you suggest, and we will all be better off for it, hopefully.
Just as a query, is there a record of how many speeches the Member has made in Parliament since 1999 [in Hansard, I guess] – I know she has made plenty of speeches and appearances at ‘openings, social and artistic gatherings, etc, and does a great job in that respect – but my understanding of a parliamentarian, that’s only part of the job – one doesn’t see much feedback about the parliamentary side of things, where I feel the real advocacy for getting things done should be more apparent’.    My Labor correspondent, added further that ‘And can I add on the Mr F. topic- he is the reason I didn’t join the Liberal Party! As a local, young person interested in politics, I went up to his stall at the Sunbury Fair when he was the local Member only to find him swearing at a local family!!!!!!!! Horrid man in my opinion..”  At this point, I added that    ‘Well, quite obviously, there’s a shared viewpoint on that particular subject – but as I said, he’s history, and irrespective of who we ‘barrack’ for, not all history is the way we would like it to have been!!’

Apparently, I was wrong, the gentleman we were talking about was not history, as another Labor stalwart & friend was keen to remind me, about that, and again, the achievements of Joanne. That was fair enough, as I would expect her and others to stand up for the person they were campaigning for! Ann wrote that – ‘Unfortunately he is not history, he has a seat in the Upper House, the one thing I will congratulate Ted Ballieu on is not giving him a cabinet position.  F. is still putting forward his far right wing views particularly in regard to the Abortion Reform Bill of 2008, which the majority of the Vic Parliarment voted for. I am not pro Abortion I am pro the choice of a woman to choose what they do with their body. Personally I would probably never have an abortion but I wouldn’t want to deny any woman that choice. Speeches mean nothing, last night I was criticised by the Mayor as I didn’t grandstand at an an awards ceremony. I attended the ceremony, in a fair bit of pain and didn’t feel the need to get my head in a picture.   Joanne does an amazing amount behind the scenes, one of her big achievements that would be of interest to you Bill would be the retention of the VU site for Public Use, which the Liberal Party have not committed to. Feel free to join my Save Vic Uni Site’………..Fair enough Ann, but I think that one is still up in the air a bit, we will see how things pan out over the next few months under the new government. 

I respect Ann for her views and standing, even if I don’t agree with her political leanings, and she is a genuine person with a lot of care and concern for others. The reason I didn’t reply and carry on the ‘debate’ any further, when I realised she was dealing with the after affects of a personal tragedy involving a friend. Overall I appreciated the input from both Jamie and Ann, in addition to  input from others.



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    • Hello bet365, thank you for your comments, it is always good to hear from other readers and bloggers. I’m never always sure that the things I write about, are of much interest to others apart from myself. However, I also write for future reference, in the hope that some of my views and ideas will be of some value to friends or family one day, and of events that I would like to look back on, one day!

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