Posted by: jkirkby8712 | December 10, 2010

Music preparation

I have a couple of programs to present on Sunday next, probably over 5 hours of music in all, maybe longer, and it seems to have taken me most of the evening to plan my music and sort out just what tracks I want to play.  Featuring Leonard Cohen during the afternoon, and I have to admit that I’ve not really listened to much of his singing in the past! But one or two friends were quite keen on him, and got me interested enough to do a special program on the man. So thanks to those friends, I have five cds here from which I need to choose from 2 to 3 hours worth of music.  Certainly, I’ve enjoyed listening to his singing, although that was not the comment I received from my daughter as she passed by a short while ago!!!  Not to her taste in music obviously!!  Anyway, will be interesting see what kind of reaction I get on Sunday [from listeners]!  I think the man in now in his mid 70s, and recently did a concert a few kilometres north of Sunbury, part of his ongoing performing routine. It has been interesting listening to the changing texture of his voice through his recordings over the last 40 years or so.  Needless to say, his singing of ‘Hallelujah’ is quite good, although I actually prefer a version, probably not so generally well known, by the late Jeff Buckley who died by drowning at a young age [30 or thereabouts] at the height of his growing career. So I’m planning to play both versions together, and see if that creates any reaction! The Buckley version is tremendous!

The radio team [well, those who turned up] had a bit of an end of year ‘barbeque’ at one of the local community parks last evening, and surprisingly, the rain pretty well held off until we had finished, although it did get a little cool as time went on. Pleasant enough evening however, although I had to be careful that I didn’t over indulge in the ‘sweets’ that were on hand!

Time to get off here, the night is getting late.  And thankyou to those who have  submitted comments, keen for some feedback!!


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