Posted by: jkirkby8712 | December 12, 2010

Saturday, 11th December 2010 – a nice visitor!

The highlight of my Saturday – a great deal of which was occupied in preparing radio programs for shows scheduled up until the end of December –  was a visit early evening by my youngest daughter. I think I must have mentioned to someone else that I’d not seen Jodie since Cup Day [2 November] even though she lives 10 minutes away  –  anyway, she called around tonight and the visit was particularly appreciated because the dear girl was rather tired, after a late night ‘partying’ in the city [not new], and working all day over at a leisure/sporting centre in the western suburbs – she was ready to sleep.  She also came bearing a bag of my books that she had borrowed from my collection over recent months, some of which I’d forgotten about, and which eldest daughter Susan suggested I’d probably blamed their mother for coming over and ‘borrowing’ them at some stage, which she had occasionally been prone to do, before I lodged ‘my formal complaint’ lol!!

I was interested to discover that Jodie had a special interest in reading ‘biographies’ [of which I have many]  – and in fact she left with another book, Nelson Mandela’s ‘Walk To Freedom’, and mentioned to me [as a Christmas hint]  that he’d had just put out a more recent book on his life. Strangely enough, Jodie was not overkeen to borrow John Howard’s book which I’m currently reading  – apparently she is interested in biographies of a range of people, although politicians were not high on her preference list!  Meanwhile I have three of my ‘children’ currently looking for a job/full time employment  – the two girls, having just completed their university courses, while eldest son James is not satisfied with his current employment. I think it’s a fair excuse for this writer to be getting a little bored with full time employment [with retirement on the horizon] but one would like to feel that one’s son,  who is some 35 years behind me, work wise, was becoming a little more settled in that aspect of his life! Hopefully, 2011 will be more promising for all of us.



  1. Most of the times blogs are the same but i think that your blog can be an exception. Cheers !

    • Thank you Marcelina Pink, pleased to read your comment on my blog, and I hope that I can continue to present things that are of interest to yourself and others, from time to time. Cheers!! 🙂

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