Posted by: jkirkby8712 | December 22, 2010

Monday, 20th December 2010 – the ‘official’ strategic planning session!!

Call it what you like, it was officially the  day of our ‘Staff Strategic Planning Session’ – review of the year’s activities, and plans for 2011.  Considering there are only three of us on the staff, in many ways it was an unnecessary waste of resources, but to conduct these things, looks good on the resume of the organisation [and probably doesn’t do any ‘harm’ to the resume of the boss either!!!

Nevertheless, some useful ideas came out of the few hours devoted to that task this Monday – I was a little surprised that no real consideration had been given to the possibility that I might actually retire next year, perhaps it was assumed that Bill will go on forever!  My indication as an aid in overall planning for the year] that I intended to finish full time work, come next 18 October, seemed to come as a bit of a surprise!! Oh well, I’ve brought it out in the open now, and as someone suggested, those next ten months will no doubt pass a lot quicker than might be anticipated just now!  Anyway, putting all of that aside, the highlight of the day was our three-person strategic planning lunch down at Ahmed’s Clifton Cafe in  the bustling little neighbourhood of Clifton Hill, 15 minutes walk down the road [though we didn’t walk on this occasion – don’t think we do on most occasions, though most of the basic services we use are located in that area].

The other pleasing point about today – in fact about the next few weeks  – school holidays have commenced, and from hereon, a lot of workers and businesses will also be on ‘holiday’ over the Christmas/January period – at that means less traffic on the roads and freeways. Already noticeable this morning!!


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