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Wednesday, 22nd December 2010 – opinions and views and 2010 draws to a close

For today’s little contribution, I thought I might look at some of the end of year messages from a selection the organisations and other groups that I have ‘dealings’ with throughout the year, either through employment or other general interests.  Things have slowed down on the office front, the phones have almost stopped, and the ‘boss’ has come down with the flu!!  We told her to stay away  –  don’t need any viruses spread around as we prepare for a brief Christmas/New Year break – and for me, the need for my voice to remain healthy with various radio commitments coming up over the next week or so!!

Anyway, looking at some of the organisations that have played a part in my 2010 activities, we shall begin with the accounting profession, which has certainly being a major part of my work involvement through most of my working life.

From the CPA President [Certified Public Accountants] – his  message for members CPAs at the end of  2010

‘]”I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the many and varied achievements of 2010….when we looked at how the organisation could do some things better while continuing to innovate and add value to members…………….As the year draws to a close, I have reflected on the organisation’s performance for 2010 and I believe that this year’s  performance  reflects the ongoing strength of our organisation and our continued commitment to our members. Our brand is very important to us. What each of us says. What each of us does. And how each of us behaves affects our brand. The way we act professionally, the integrity we exhibit and the pride we take in whatever we do enhances the brand for all of us”.   [a philosophy which could and should apply to any reputable organisation!].

From ‘The Refugee Council of Australia & A Just Australia

“Thank you for your continued support of AJA and the campaign to secure fair treatment for asylum seekers and refugees to Australia. We have had a very mixed year, some wins to celebrate and some incredible lows we had hoped not to see again in Australia – and, of course, the tragedy on Christmas Island just last week. In response to calls from the media, we issued a statement last week about the terrible tragedy on Christmas Island. Details are still coming to light and it could be days or weeks before we have the full picture. What we do know is that desperate people have suffered enormously in this incident and Australia must show compassion to them and create policy change to prevent this happening again. It is very sad that on the airwaves, blogs and online commentary there are people saying those on board were “queue jumpers”, “that they knew the risks”, “that the incident is the result of ‘soft’ policy by the government” and more. It is vital that you add your voice to this national discussion and inject some fact, humanity and rational debate to the issues. Call your talkback radio stations, check online commentary on news pieces, write to editors. Be a part of the voice for change”.  [Certainly, I shall be commenting on this and other issues of the refugee situation in an article planned for Facebook over the next few days]..

And from the University of Melbourne – Alumni Relations team  –

In recent communication, reference has been made to a newly developed ‘Welcome to Melbourne’ campaign, and the comment made that  –  ‘If you’ve ever started life in a new city, or just passed through on your travels, you’ll know a local connection can mean the difference between just scratching the surface of a new city or really feeling at home in the community. For the University of Melbourne’s international AusAID students, a local connection also means knowing there’s someone close by who can offer support, advice or just a friendly face. Since 2009, the Alumni Welcome to Melbourne program has helped make the transition to Melbourne a little smoother for these students by pairing them with an alumnus host for a home-cooked meal’.  [Certainly, an interesting approach and indicative of similar type programs in many like organisations].

Alternative Technology Association [ATA] –  continuing progress on sustainabililty programs 

From my previous employer, still publishing their quarterly ‘Renew Magazine’,  their December E-News contribution reminds members and readers that:-

“ReNew celebrated 30 years publishing on sustainable living this year, topped off when ATA received a Highly Commended in the Small Publisher of the Year Award as part of the Publishers Australia Excellence Awards. And we took sustainability on the road with the Renew Open House Day in Castlemaine, showcasing examples of retrofitted, recycled, state of the art and shared sustainable dwellings. Next year we’ll keep a closer eye on the policies that help and hinder sustainability at home, plus all the regular DIY articles, Q & A, buyers guides and reader competitions. Thanks for supporting RFeNew this year and we look forward to being part of your sustainable future in 2011”

[I have always supported the work that the ATA carried out during my 4/5 years with them, but I could never become quite as fanatically enthused about the whole process of sustainable living that some of my co-workers at the time exhibited, virtually living 24 hours on the topic!! Way over the top!  However, I continue to be interested enough to recognise the importance of their work, and to read the many interesting articles which appear in their quarterly magazine, but I doubt I will ever be converted to their obsession with the subject matter!]

And from Genes Reunited [a family history research organisation]: 

 they are the genealogy organisation that I am a basic member of [along with] – Genes Reunited have despatched a little pre-Christmas promo, looking for more sign-ups! Fair enough. I agree with their comment about the ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ TV program, such as the episodes referred to  –  as an amateur genealogist myself, I find the programs quite fascinating, but also find them a little disconcerting, in that the people who are featured in the program [usually celebrities, etc] have a pretty easy run in their particular family search – everything is prepared and ready for them in advance, and the family searches always appear so easy to achieve, and quickly solved!  Not quite so, in reality as all fellow genealogists will agree – as we battle the passing of older generations and their knowledge, and the practical difficulties [and costs] of finding records, etc.

However, Genes Reunited had this to say: –         “On Sunday night’s episode of ‘Who Do you Think You Are?’ on SBS, singer Tina Arena went on the emotional journey of tracing her Italian ancestry. Amongst other things, she discovered a reason why her grandfather was such a difficult man. After his father died, he was sent to work in the sulphur mines at the tender age of 6, and had an incredibly hard life; she commented that if he were still alive today she would ‘kiss him to death’. These emotional journeys & amazing discoveries are not just restricted to celebrities; you too can discover your own family history easily using Genes Reunited”……………….[ahhh, yes, it all sounds so easy. And of course, no mention is made of the costs involved in becoming an upgraded member, with all available privileges and benefits – a common theme with most organisations I guess!!  But then, life wasn’t meant to be easy!].

From the Carlton Football Club  –  my preferred Australian Rules football team


The 2010 season has come and gone, and with it another finals appearance – and while the end result was disappointing, there were undoubtedly a number of positives to emerge from the year.
Since our final game in 2010, the Carlton family has been able to share in the glory of Chris Judd’s Brownlow Medal triumph. What a grand result for a truly wonderful player and great Club leader, who  was only too keen for all Carlton people to share in the victory.

The response to the 2011 Membership Campaign, “No Passengers”, has been extremely pleasing. Membership is at a pre-Christmas all-time record as the Club strives to secure an all-time record number of 50,000 members in 2011, and as the slogan suggests, “No Passengers” is all about getting everyone involved.

The Carlton team of 2011 first takes to the field on Saturday, February 12, in what is the opening round of the NAB Cup. In the revised format we meet both Richmond and Collingwood at Etihad Stadium, commencing at 7:15pm, with the Carlton Family Day confirmed for the following day, Sunday February 13th, at Visy Park.
The real action begins on Thursday, March 24, when Carlton will once again kick-off the AFL season against Richmond at the MCG, and it goes without saying that we expect a massive turnout of Carlton supporters for what shapes as a vital game at the home of football. On behalf of the Directors and everyone at the Carlton Football Club, I wish you a very safe and happy Festive Season and look forward to your support of the mighty Blues in 2011.

And finally, from the AMRAP organisation, who provides some of the ‘local’ content music for one of my radio programs, we had ‘season’s greetings’ from them also:-


“AMRAP would like to thank you for sharing our vision of getting great Australian music national airplay faster and we wish you the very best this holiday season. In place of a traditional Christmas card this year, AMRAP has donated the amount it would have cost to send you a card [by post] to Oxfam’s ‘Close the Gap’ Campaign. Close the Gap is Australia’s largest campaign to improve Indigenous health.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can expect to live substantially shorter lives than other Australians – up to 20 years less in some cases. For more info about the campaign visit   We look forward to working with you in 2011”.

Well now, they are just a sample of some of the places I communicate with [or vice versa] throughout the year – there are various others, such as ‘Frontier Services’ which I refer to now and then,  the Melbourne Recital Centre, Art Gallery of Ballarat, the Arts Centre [Melbourne],, Melbourne University, National Seniors, the Genebase [DNA] organisation,  and so on/……………………it all makes life a little more interesting from time to time!!



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