Posted by: jkirkby8712 | December 28, 2010

Tuesday, 28th December 2010 – Son heads overseas!

I paid a brief visit to the family home – to bid a brief farewell to son, Adam, who with a cricketing mate, is heading for the snow and cold of England, France and Scotland, leaving later this afternoon. Probably an opportunity and experience that he might not have thought possible a year ago, and while the ‘excursion’ is only of about 10 days duration, I’m glad he has taken the chance to make the trip [something I didn’t do, when younger]. Though as his father – and someone not experienced in overseas travel – I do feel a little apprehensive for him, I guess from the flying point of view, and the visit to far away places – interesting that he is travelling to the one part of the world that would be my first choice, were I given that option – Scotland and England!  Anyway, by mid afternoon Wednesday here, he will be in London, from where they travel across the English Channel to France and Paris – will be spending New Year’s Eve in the French capital.  Hopefully, I might receive a report or two from his journey, though because of the short time involved, we have not committed Adam to any major communication  –  just want to know when he arrives in London!

Australia, after the lunch break, batting in the cricket, after finally dismissing for English for 513 runs!!!   Australia need 416 runs, simply to force England to bat again!!!  By the end of the afternoon session, Australia had progressed to 1 wicket for 95 runs – the wicket lost due to a wasteful run out! Two messages from Adam, while he waits for his flight – wanting to know the score!! It was at that point that the current ‘form’ of the Australian team revealed itself again –  collapse of the batsmen, so that by the close of play today, our team score was another miserable 6 wickets for 169 runs, still a massive 246 runs behind, and defeat in the Ashes series likely to come early in tomorrow’s 4th day of play. I had been thinking of going tomorrow but the game is unlikely to last very long, barring a batting miracle, or a day long downpour of rain [though the item below, will discount that idea].  Another disappointing day for the majority of the 67,000 at the MCG today, although there is also a large support base for England.

Meanwhile, authorities are warning the public not to be complacent over the recent spells of cooler weather, and the rain of recent weeks. Temperatures are likely to rise considerably over the next two or three days, certainly in to the high 30s around this area, and in the low 40s in some northern regional areas. The expected searing heat together with a northerly wind is likely to lead to the first fire bans for the summer [we normally get these off and on from October onwards. Meanwhile, long range forecasters are expecting above average temperatures over the next couple of months  [and there I was, hoping this ‘rare cool summer’ was going to continue that way – over optimistic!!].  Meanwhile up in Queensland, floodwaters from heavy rains are again causing concerns in many  areas.  While thinking of this, I’m wondering how my son – currently in the air on his way to the UK and France – is going to find the extreme wintry conditions they are currently experiencing over in that part of the world. Despite our relative cool summer so far, I think his destination is going to feel like another world, weather wise!

I must admit that my thoughts are with Adam tonight. This is only the second occasion on which one of my ‘children’ has undertaken a long international plane flight [James went to the USA about 3 years ago], and in view of my personal reluctance to fly myself, I find myself feeling a little apprehensive about Adam being ‘up in the skies’ for the 20 hours or whatever it takes to get to London! I’m imagining, that at the time of writing this, he is getting close to the end of the first part of the flight – the changeover in Malaysia – certainly, he won’t be cold here, will probably be hit hard by the heat and humidity. Adam was hoping to get some sleep and fill in some of remaining 13 hours of flying to the United Kingdom.  My prayers of a safe journey are travelling with him!


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