Posted by: jkirkby8712 | January 4, 2011

Sunday, 2nd January 2010 – quiet Sunday to move into 2011

No, I really didn’t want to get out this morning at 5.45 am –  but I did, as always, and back up the hill to my radio station.  Interesting, but at present, problems with computers seem to be following me around – the ‘mouse’ for the station on air computer was playing – it had been for a few days, but worked almost perfectly for me on Friday night. Not so this morning, and while I was still able to go the air and play my music this morning, the system wouldn’t allow me to undertake any of the ‘computer’ set commitments we are expected to undertake. I was not terribly keen to ring our technical guy at 7.15 on a Sunday morning, even though he insists we do so. Luck was on my side – Steve was on his way home from an overnight shift, 20o minutes away, and had a fair idea what the problem was. So about 45 minutes, after I started, all systems were go again, and we were back to normal with no on air affect, as far as listeners were concerned. Last night’s sole presenter for the day, apparently gave up on the system, and walked away from his show, merely noting the problem in the book, but not actually advising anyone – left the problem for ‘next on air’ to solve!  Guess who?  Me!@!!!!!  Such is life.

Despite those minor issues, enjoyed my music as usual – and finished up the program with a couple of Strauss waltzes, following on from last night’s Vienna concert. The rest of my Sunday relatively uneventful – included a visit early afternoon from one of the senior church members – Ron Sainsbury –  seeking a bit of financial advice for an organisation he was associated with, Quite interesting actually – it was a group of former Army infantry guys from World War 11, which was still going strong although the actual returned servicemen numbers in the group were naturally enough dwindling quickly.  I think Ron said he was 87 years old – certainly doesn’t look that age, and I remarked to him that I often see him walking around the town –  oh yes, I’m ex-infantry, walking is our culture!! From discussion, we worked that he and my Dad would have joined up in World War 11, around the same time, he serving mostly in the Islands of the Pacific, Dad in New Guinea.  I enjoyed that little visit and discussion. I’ve known Ron since the middle 1980s, after Mum had come down to live with us in Sunbury, and we had started to attend the St Andrews’ Church. I recall the odd occasions when he would call around the at the Goonawarra house with a message of some sort for Mum from one or other of the church groups – because she was a widow, and he at the time, still had his wife Grace alive, he would never come into the house, but any discussion would take place at the front door, particularly if Mum was on her own. He was a very polite and respectable man. None of us would forget the desperate state he fell into for a brief time when his wife died, but that was quite a few years ago now [although after Mum died I think from memory], but he has certainly picked himself up completely in the year’s since then, involved in many activities with the church and other organisations.  When I mentioned that I was due to retire in ten months, he immediately invited me to join up with the local PROBUS group who were in fact very active in Sunbury, and I already knew one or two other members of that organisation.  I think it is basically an organisation of retired professional men, although activities are not gender restricted. Certainly another post-work involvement I would be keen to become a part of.

Went for a satisfying lengthy walk late this afternoon, and followed up with a bit of work in the front garden into the early evening. Meanwhile, with my computer still not operating properly, I decided to put the books aside for tonight, and watch a bit of TV. Generally prefer not to spend my evenings in front of the TV, feel it is a waste of the night, and always have plenty else to occupy my time. But tonight, I watched the final episode in the recent series ‘Who Do You Think You’, the genealogy program which traces the family history of known piublic identities. Tonight, it featured Australian actress, Georgie Parker.  While I did naturally find the program very interesting because of my specific interest in the subject, I did find that   Georgie Parker’s reactions to many of the discoveries quite painful and annoying – basically her responses to me seemed like a classical case of an actor unable to put that side of her personality aside –  put simply, I felt her responses were over-acted!! Her storyline was that she went into the investigation with no fears at all -she was sure of her origins but wanted to find out where the intellect and strength of character displayed by the women in her family, came from. As with most episodes of these programs, surprises were in store1

When that was over, another rare event for me – watching a movie on TV!  I only did so because it was being screened on the ABC and so would be commercial free – I simply get so frustrated at having programs constantly interrupted by advertisements, and even worse, station promos!  Tonight’s movie was ‘Strictly Ballroom’ starring Paul Mercurio, son of the recently departed Gus Mercurio. I realised eventually that I’d seen the movie many years ago.  I also soon realised how much I disliked the so-called humorous aspects of the movie – found much of that and some of the acting as crude and crass. However that aspect was overshadowed by the music, the dancing, and the little love story between Paul Mercurio and his leading opposite – so much so, that some aspects of that part of the story brought this viewer to tears!  Ahhh yes, even at this age ‘sad movies make me cry’!






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