Posted by: jkirkby8712 | January 4, 2011

Thursday, 30th December 2010 – Personal observations as year nears end.

A warm day, began with periods alternating between overcast and sunny, and with another early morning walk, felt quite good afterwards, although later in the day was troubled by a bit of pain in the upper leg area, almost felt like a pulled muscle, which would worry me through the night. A bit disappointed tht had happened, and as usual, when one is afflicted by any kind of arthritic pain of that sort, it tends to have a flow on affect to one’s overall energy levels and general well-being!

Mind you, that feeling of ‘dispiritness’ [new word!] was not helped by a major crash of my computer hard disk system. I tried to ‘fix’ the problem as best I could, but later in the day was ’roundly’ ridiculed by my daughter and her boyfriend [he was on the phone] for attempting any kind of fix  –  you’re probably got a virus Dad, best left to the ‘experts’ – even if it takes ‘them’ week to getting around to provide assistance!  Anyway, at this point, that problem was suggesting that I had ‘lost’ most of my desktop files of word and excel [my main areas of operation] – and for someone who depends quite heavily on my computer for much of my voluntary and family history material and research,  this was all pointing to a major ‘record keeping’ disaster!!  Did you have your work saved, said Susie, later tonight  –  well, some of it, in various ways, but not all!!  She had actually been in the city most of the day – came back with sunburnt legs, so presumably at a concert or something, so I’d had to wait until mid evening before I could even make mention of my computer problems! Needless to say, it all gave Susie and Jimmy something to have a big laugh about  –  and yes, he would have a look at the problem [works in a computer organisation] , but the question, unanswered, for me, would be ‘when’!!

The day didn’t improve much –  had to make an extra trip into town, for a medical appointment that was only necessary simply in order to renew a prescription which I’d allowed to run out, again! Seem to have problems lately keeping those things in order!! Long wait for the doctor, then to be told he was out somewhere, and after all that, my prescription was made out for me by the duty nurse, with the signature of another on duty doctor. Why could I not have been told that was an option 30 minutes earlier?  Then, true the form, the chemist had run out of what I wanted – back tomorrow for a new supply!!!  Grrrrrrrr!! This is beginning to become a regular occurence with this supplier!  Anyway, to continue with my general grumbling mood in this entry [!!] by the end of the afternoon, with the ache in my upper leg region intensifying, I was beginning to feel rather sorry for myself. That was brightened a little by a couple of text messages from son Adam, over in the northern hemisphere –  telling us that he was heading across to France that morning for some sight seeing including the Somme, with a later message to confirm that, yes, he was receiving my messages in response, pretty well immediately after I’d sent them.  Modern communications across the oceans! Also mentioned that he would give us a call in about 24 hours.

With my computer out of action, I took the opportunity this evening to finish Wilbur Smith’s book ‘Warloch’. As usual, with all of his other novels,. a book that was hard to put down! Despite the fact that Smith’s novels always have more than a share of gruesome storylines – this one was no different.   I think the book’s cover flap summarises the gist of the book quite well., no need for me to try and precise it, suffice to say, a great – perhaps I was not as keen on his ‘Egyptian’ novels because of the high levels of ‘magic’ and aspects of spiritual cults and the supernatural, etc, emphasised within the stories – somehow, a little less believable than most of his historical novels, but nevertheless, it was a great read, and easily digestible. From the book itself:-

‘Hidden away in the vast and forbidding deserts of North Africa, Taita has passed the years since the death of his beloved Queen Lostris in prayer and study. He has become the Warlock, wise in the lore of the ancient Gods, an adept of magic and the supernatural. Now Taita answers the summons from the beyond. He leaves the desert vastness and returns to the world of men, to find himself plunged into a terrible conflict against the forces of evil which threaten to overwhelm the throne and the realm of Egypt, and to destroy the young prince Nefer who is the grandson of Queen Lostris. With vivid depictions of battle and intrigue, of love and passion, with fascinating characters both good and evil, Wilbur Smith brings to life in colourful detail the world of ancient Egypt……’  Certainly, intrigues, passions, etc are words which could be applied to any one of Smith’s 28 or so novels. While still on leave, I began immediately on the next sequence to this book, and expect it to be equally another example of Smith’s master story telling talents.


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