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Thursday, 6th January 2010 – news from travellers and other matters!

A little surprised not to have heard from Adam for almost 36 hours, but he made up for it with a couple of early afternoon messages, one of which came straight to the point  –  please no-one send him any more text messages, the receipt of them is costing him a fortune [plus the replies obviously], explains why my last couple have not been responded to. Fair enough!!   Apparently, he is now back in London, and flies out of the English capital at 10.50 am London time on Sunday [or 9.50pm our time],  so with an expected duration of 26 hours in travel time, we can anticipate his arrival back at Tullamarine [Melbourne’s international airport] at approximately 12.50 am Tuesday morning here!  Not sure what the lads have planned for London – just hope they see a little more beyond  the inside of a pub!!  Later in the night, I would hear that he was in the hotel casino – where he was actually staying.  Another message came from Lord’s Cricket Ground in London – so at least as true sporting enthusiasts, they are getting to the sporting icon venues – a few days ago, to St Andrews Golf Course in Scotland, now one of the homes of cricket!!  And he did go, wearing his Sunbury Cricket Club tee shirt  –  I wonder if Ted Dexter asked him what SCC stood for?  His excuse [for being in the pub] was that it won’t stop raining in London  ‘no wonder there are so many pubs in the place, nothing else to do on days like today’.  Well, I’m sure I could disagree with that, but then that is probably why it’s much better that Adam is travelling with a mate, rather than his Dad!! We probably wouldn’t spend so much time in pubs!!!

Speaking of cricket, Australia went further down the ‘gurgler’ today, heading for it’s worst home Ashes series for many decades, and England were breaking all kinds of records – when their innings finally ended today, for a total of 644 runs, it was the highest score England have ever scored out here in Australia, beating the previous score of 636 in the 1928/1929 series, and apparently, English fourth highest score in all test matches. No wonder the Barmy Army and English supporters in general, are on top[ of the world. They deserve to be! Look at some of the individual batting scores in that innings:-

Strauss: 60; Cook: 189; Bell: 115; Prior: 118. Apart from Michael Hussey, who himself has not scored very much since Perth, Australia have had no equivalent consistent batting performances in this series.  And things didn’t get any better –  batting, and needing 364 runs to make the English bat again on the last day, or to attempt to draws the match, by stumps, the Australians had slumped to 7 wickets for just 213 runs!! Were it not for a fighting partnership [yet unbroken] between Victorian bowler Peter Siddle, and middle order batsman,  Steve Smith, the game might well have been over last night.  Overall, a very disappointing performance by most of the Australian team, including their two captains, through this summer.

Meanwhile friend Ruth, who is over in Indonesia for 7 weeks, has been communicating to her friends through Face book, and advised family and friends the other day that she had  ‘arrived safely in Jogjakarta after 2nd flight delayed due to` technical problem’ with plane. City is being inundated with its daily afternoon downpour at the moment. Have spoken more Indonesian today than in all the previous year- to taxi drivers, shop keeper and a lovely migrant worker lady on her way home from Malaysia- she was very patient and encouraging!”  Initially, I think the plan had been that she would be staying with an Indonesian family, which she was looking forward to, but as indicated in a recent note, that didn’t quite eventuate as expected. She wrote [on Face book again] that she was   “Having a great time- go to bed early and rise early mostly. Uni intense but worthwhile. Everyone friendly- Indonesians and my class! Hot and humid but massive storm every afternoon! Clears the head and the air-better do some homework now!’  She was apparently staying in hotel – at $11 a night [wow, wish we could find them here at that price!]………….’ don’t know about family thing- something got lost in translation- but is good to escape to solitude…..on reflection, now, not disappointed – it’s all pretty intense’ .  So it certainly sounds as though she is not exactly having a holiday in the absence of commitment and work, but knowing Ruth she will make the most of her time over there, and bring back some great stories..

Summer coming at us with a vengeance, quite a warm day, followed by a very warm night this evening – I did nevertheless make a point of having a short walk upon my return to Sunbury, could have waited until the sun had diminished in it’s intensity a little, but with a radio meeting to go to, couldn’t wait!  Unofficial ‘Committee’ meeting tonight, basically to consider two issues – a presenter who had ‘overstepped’ the mark in respect to the material he was playing on air, and his actual presentation, and secondly, a need to reassess many of the tasks around the radio in view of the long term absence of our esteemed station manager due to major medical concerns.  Agreement on both issues was reached satisfactorily. Perhaps we should also have considered the purchase of an air conditioner for the meeting room – the only rooms that are air-conditioned at the station are where the main computer is located, and the broadcasting studio. The rest of the building during hot summer nights in particular, often feels like a sauna, and that was certainly the affect in our meeting room tonight!

Susie discovered a little problem in the house for which she was keeping an eye on, in the adjoining court today – her friends are away, and Susie has been feeding their pets, and noticed today that the power was off, and there didn’t seem to be a logical reason for it [though obviously, there was!]. I offered to try and organise an electrician [whom I’d used here before], pay for any cost involved, and worry about reimbursement later –  preferred that rather than leave things as they were for another week.  While we were thinking about that option, and while I was out tonight, she found a friend who was a qualified electrician, and asked him to have a look at the situation  –  apparently the fault was an old fridge which had overheated, and thankfully in so doing, switched the power off!  The outcome was that Susie’s friends would return to a house with the power intact, just no fridge operating!! Could have been much worse!  I wonder if they had much in the fridge. I’m sure that kind of problem – loss of power, ruined food in refrigerators, etc, is an all to common occurrence up in flood ravaged south east Queensland tonight. Although I didn’t speak to him directly, my brother up in Rockhampton [one of the many towns seriously affected by the floods] has had a few comments over recent days, most of them lashed with Colin’s special sense of humour!  Examples include:

Happy new year from watery rockhampton ,lucky we live on higher ground
All roads into Rockhampton closed, guess we will have to stay put in our little community of gracemere untill roads are open again.
lol plenty of grog , oh and a little bit of food
and still getting paid
john u should know traction moters and water dont mix lol
still stuck at home, maybe up to another 10 days.

paid to stay home, my hand will shake with guilt on payday.

higher ground wont flood here

Colin has always been the joker in the family [think my eldest son takes after him], and that usually comers though in any verbal or written conversation, you might have with him!


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