Posted by: jkirkby8712 | January 10, 2011

Saturday, 8 January 2011 – this is the date Elvis was born.

Now, in the past, I don’t generally recall this fact being referred to in the past, but apparrently, the truely fanatical fans of the late Elvis Presley make a point of commemorating this day  –  the anniversary of his birth, on the 8th January. It seems that amongst the places in Australia where this event is particularly celebrated, in Parkes up in Central New South Wales, where this weekend, thousands of Elvis fans have converged. Anyway, I decided that I would have my own little tribute – in tomorrow afternoon’s on air show, but more about that on Sunday!   In the second week of January every year, the town of Parkes in Central NSW comes alive to the sounds of hip-swivelling Elvis Impersonators and Tribute Artists. The 5 day Festival Program features a dazzling array of more than 140 individual events. Highlights of the 2011 Program will include the Dean Vegas Feature Concerts, the ever popular Elvis Gospel Church Service, the iconic Elvis Street Parade, the Crowning of Miss Priscilla, the Elvis Golf Day & Dinner, the Back to the Altar Wedding Ceremony and the Clubs NSW Elvis Poets Breakfast. In particular, the Elvis Gospel Church Service has become a much-loved feature on the festival program, and it was to return in 2011 to again pay tribute to Elvis’ first love – gospel music.

I decided that there would be no ‘trips’ in the car today – while a change in the weather was predicted,  the day began extremely hot, and promised to stay that way  as far as I could see. So your writer remained home all day, no urgent shopping required but plenty of jobs required attention on this front. However, after a ‘warmish’ mid morning walk, and a couple of hours ‘tidying’ up parts of the garden,  my ‘system’ decided that was it, and for the rest of the day, felt decidedly restless and not keen to settle down to anything specific [apart from putting on a pot roast that basically cooked itself through the afternoon]  – despite still attending to various matters that require attention, I always seem to feel guilty about having a lazy afternoon. I guess this is not unusual for someone so used to being active and always doing something, that he feels is beneficial and useful [even if it really isn’t important in the wider context or scheme of things].  Even took some ‘time out’ today to tackle a giant crossword puzzle! As usual with those things, I generally come across a few unsolvable obstacles!! Today was no exception.

Adam mentioned the other day in a brief text message that ‘I saw the Mona Lisa’.  At the time he was obviously visiting the  Louvre, and Adam’s visit is probably as close as I will ever get to that famous painting. Some brief travel notes in the January edition of ‘Limelight’ magazine had this to say about the Louvre: –  “Art lovers are no more immune from botherment in the Louvre which, although it has more space, also has more tourists. The experience of visiting the Louvre can be quite overwhelming with so many rooms, artworks,  and a multitude of visitors who’ve had the same idea as you, it’s a serious challenge to navigate. Obviously, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa  is the greatest drawcard in the building, but this doesn’t make it easy to get to. Those wishing for a close-up of the painting are often best served by standing in the crowd, raising a camera above the jostling heads, taking a photo and then looking at that photo”.  Well if that was all I was going to get out of such a visit, I simply wouldn’t bother, but would in preference, find a decent art book, and study a copy of the Mona Lisa from that source!!  Hopefully, Adam did get to see the real thing!

With an early start every Sunday morning, I never seem to be able to manage a decent sleep the night before. I was hoping this one might be different, but alas, was not to be!  Woke at 3am, visited the bathroom, and while I was there, the power in the house went off – in fact, it was the whole district, and obviously switched off at that time by design, most people should be asleep! Probably, had I woken ten minutes earlier [from the vivid but as usual, mixed up dream that I was participating in], I would have been back asleep by the time the power disappeared. But that is not what happened, and so three hours later, as I prepared to go to the radio station, I’d not been back to sleep. Heard the neighbour return home from a night out at 4am [obviously to a darkened house also], and then not long afterwards, my phone buzzes  – perhaps Adam imagines that I have my phone switched off at night, and will read his messages in the morning! Or he hasn’t quite adjusted to the time difference between here and London? Anyway, his message was simply a reminder of the time his plane returns to Melbourne on Monday night!! I didn’t respond but knew by then, that I would not be getting any more sleep tonight.


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