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Monday, 10th January 2011 – conversational pieces

A simple response to my son on Face book the other night generated a whole range of issues and replies from a variety of friends, and ranging over cricket, overseas travel, and my apparent attributes [completely undeserved] as a ‘gentleman’!!  It all began in this fashion:-  said Adam –  “Loving Scotland” to which I responded   “Wish I was with you Adam, got so many unanswered ‘ancestral’ questions from that country!@!!  Hope you guys have a good camera with you”. The only other bit of input by Adam  to this conversation was in response to an enquiry from one of his friends as to whether he was enjoying the cold, when he noted that he was getting used to the weather!  The rest of this little conversation piece was taken over by some of my friends –  I’ve used initials only, in relating the various comments made, and this is an outline of how it went.

MN. have you been up the  castle in edinburgh?its lovely this time of year x        Bill: Yes M, they have been to ‘the’ castle, and I’m still envious,lol.      MN:  should have gone with them bill lol but i forgot you dont like flying xx       MN:  i see we are doing well at cricket bill ?thought you had gone quite on me lol xx       BW:  Has a cousin that lives near Castle in Edinburgh! Oh and daughters friend is visiting his dad in Adelaide! strange but small world! Eh Bill? 🙂      BW:   believes we won the ashes, haven’t we? lol     Bill:  Hello BW,  yes small world, just a pity that it was not me over there, would have been a nice chance to catch up with all my English friends – although, in view of the cricket results [yes you won the Ashes 😦                 MN:  we are the champssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss lol bill                 MN:  i see all the england team are getting knighted lol whats your team getting lol                     Bill:   We don’t need titles, players just respected for their abilities and contributions, when things go wrong, we look forward, try and fix the problem with existing or new members. Though disappointing, can also be an exciting time in Australian cricket, chance [and reason] to rebuild and look to the future, as England have done. These things go in cycles, we’re just at the bottom of ours at the moment, lol. Life goes on, we still like you ‘English’ [some of you, anyway :-)]

BG:   LIKE the english Bill? Don’t think so!~!!!!!    JM:  does that include me ? and yorkshire is much better than scotland and for cricket too lol               Bill:  Ahhh, but your Irish BG, completely biased :-)…………………and JM, my dear you are one of the ‘good’ ones haha. Actually all English are great – have to say that, my niece is ‘teamed’ up with of you!!!     MN:  hey bw, i am a lancashire lass and we won the war of the roses lol i think xx     JM:  no you didnt deary lol , as if     BW:  Is also from Yorkshire and agrees with Jane! We are the best! : ) lol \    MN:  huh lol x     BG:   and what would your Scottish ancestors think of your sentiments young Bill??         JM:   Hi BW,  we are the best lol there is nothing better than a Yorkshire lass.The difference Mr BG,  is Mr Kirk is a gent and knows when a yorkshire lass is joking. He is brave heart x x          MN:   no you dont need titles just good players lol     BG:  well, one thing we agree on …..that MISTER Kirk is a gent….!!     BW:   He sure is a gent! and Hi JM and MN, as JM said….theres nothing like a Yorkshire lass! I lived near you JM before I moved to Staffs, I lived in little village between Goole and Scunny! even smaller world : ) x       JM:  thats amazing, nice to meet you BW, yes it is a small world . I live near to Hull outskirts called Hedon. Take care of yourselves x                       Bill:   Well to all my good friends from Yorkshire, Lancashire and wherever, Adam is at this moment [9.50 am eastern Australian summer time] somewhere over the Indian sub-continent, on his way home [and Dad will be pleased to see him back on mother Earth again, lol] – and apparently, he wants to go back!!! Your homeland impressed him – not sure if it was just the pubs, haha, but he enjoyed London and whatever else he managed to see of the UK in his brief visit. Half his luck!! Love to get there 🙂           JN: wrote “well you would not have to pay lodgings with all your friends would be wonderful x”

The ‘interesting outcome of this carry-on, was that the three respondents from England [BG, is an Irishman who has been out here in Aussie for years – I believe I was a groomsman at his wedding back in the 1970’s!!]  were friends I have also known on the internet for many years, all people that I’m proud and pleased to be able to say, friendships that have been maintained through a decade or more of interest [and penfriend] communications  – many others have disappeared into the blackness of cyber space, by BW, MN and JN are all still there [as I am] – doubtful if I will ever get to meet any of them in person, .though the idea has been raised from time to time.  What is so interesting, is that this little conversation I have reported upon  – well, I seem to have inadvertently introduced the three of them to each other!!!  My goodness, I hope there is nothing in my past connections with one or other of them, that can be used as blackmail, haha, against this gent!!!  Seriously though, they have all been lovely friends, and while the internet can so often be used in unfortunate and sad ways, it has also proved to be a wonderful avenue of friendship, often at times when friends were ‘light on the ground’ so to speak.

I somehow doubt that any of these friends read my blogs these days, but they will know who they are if they do. Sadly, not all contacts have the past have stayed around. When I used the old Yahoo360,  there were a number of users of that system, that one had good communications with at different times. One was a guy, also from England, ,named Michael, who from memory. was a loyal  Manchester United supporter, and over the course of time, I got him interested in the weekly progress of my football team here in Australia [Carlton – even posted him a DVD of  our last premiership, won in 1995].   He disappeared completely after Yahoo360 closed down, as did a number of other ‘friends’ on there. That was a fairly interesting time in my blog entries, and on the Yahoo site, there was considerable interaction between ‘us’ bloggers. That degree of contact doesn’t seem to be so obvious on subsequent sites –  I think people are more into the ‘short response/retort’ type comments that are typical of places like Face Book and Myspace, and I suppose also, that much of what I write is probably considered ‘boring’ by anyone else. So be it.  Such is life.

Adam arrived back in Sunbury this evening –  his mother picked him up from the airport, where his plane from London arrived a few hours earlier than we had originally anticipated. I would have met him myself, but as his siblings had planned to do so, I was left trying to find out just when he was arriving!! The earlier landing took us all by surprise. I didn’t see Adam tonight – I imagine he was rather jet lagged, as according to Susan, who called by the Goonaswarra house after he got back home, noted that he was not very talkative!  I will see him on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, which might be early enough!

Meanwhile, on the sub-continent, the Asian Cup [Soccer] is underway, in which Australia is a competitor, and the Aussies first game was tonight. I was a little disappointed to discover that there was no live TV coverage on the free to air television – presumably it was on pay tv somewhere, but I don’t have access to that. Another example, of the performances of an Australian sporting team being basically ignored by most of the media! I would have to wait until the morning for the following report:-

‘Socceroos star Tim Cahill put in a brilliant showing as Australia kicked off their Asian Cup campaign as expected, with a comfortable 4-0 win over lowly India on Monday.  While the avalanche of goals some had predicted didn’t eventuate, the performance left new coach Holger Osieck with plenty of positives to take into Saturday’s (AEDT) crucial clash with fellow heavyweights South Korea. Reaffirming his status as Australia’s go-to man, Cahill scored twice having started up front with Harry Kewell and could have had even more goals if not for some great saves and an unlucky offside call. The Everton midfielder made a signal resembling a telephone with his hand after both goals, a gesture he said was to encourage people to supports victims of the floods that have devastated Queensland.  Kewell and Brett Holman also got on the scoresheet to put Australia 3-0 up at the break and, while Cahill’s second was the only addition in the second half, Osieck was upbeat after the match despite some players conceding Australia should have been more ruthless.  “From my point of view it was a good start. In particular in the first half we played tactically very well,” Osieck said.

I went off to bed tonight, not having heard any night news reports – kind of glad I overlooked that in retrospect, as the news from the Queensland floods was becoming quite tragic  – doubt I would have got as effective a sleep as I did, with that news on my mind!


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