Posted by: jkirkby8712 | January 28, 2011

Friday, 28th January 2011 – quiet end to a truncated week.

My day began with an early morning visit to the radio station. The Friday morning volunteer presenter is a professional broadcaster from one of Melbourne’s major commercial stations [3AW], and in his partial retirement, he has been with us here at Sunbury over the past 4 years or. A year or so ago, after I had finished [not by choice] my involvement for the Saturday sports show, Ron invited me to call in during his program [which at that time, was on a Monday morning], and spend 10 minutes giving a brief rundown of the weekend’s local sporting results. Since he has changed his morning to a Friday, that format has changed a little – it’s not really appropriate to be going over the previous weekend’s results in too much detail, so now we concentrate on a sparse look at those, while placing emphasised on the games and other local activities ahead this next weekend. I also generally attempt to give out a few racing tips [horses] for Saturday’s race meeting in Melbourne together with a brief reference to the Friday country race meeting.  I generally advise listeners NOT to put their life savings on my horse tips  –  I certainly wouldn’t!!!

I expected Susan  to head up to Bendigo again today – she wanted to have a look at another possible accommodation venue. Jodie was going to join her on the drive today. However, overnight, she must have decided to go with the place she visited on Thursday, and apparently sent off a deposit. I hope it’s a good choice for her!

I feel like I have just had a couple of weekends, and here we are with another one coming up. Am I complaining? I think in fact this is the weekend when three of my four kids go to the ‘Big Day Out [BDO]’  – something like a non –stop rock concert with numerous bands performing at different locations within a set area. Not sure where it is being held this year – perhaps down at Princes Park in Carlton again. Must ask Susie before Sunday [the day of the event]. Susan, Jodie and Jimmy went over to the Big Day Out in Adelaide last January, when they failed to get tickets for the Melbourne version. At Christmas time, I was rather shocked to hear that Jodie had ‘lost’ the tickets for this year!!!  She and Susie were planning to drive to Sydney for that city’s version of the event, and Dad was not too keen on that idea.  Anyway, hadn’t heard that trip mentioned for a while, and an enquiry the other day, revealed that Jodie had found the missing tickets!!! Relief!!!  Hence the Melbourne event this Sunday.  Adam Also attends the  BDO , it is just James who has never really seemed that interested in going to concerts of any sort – don’t think he has the patience to ‘sit’ or ‘stand’ through something like that.  Meanwhile, I think Adam is also going to a ‘Tool’ concert this weekend – maybe tonight!  I’m sure there will be a comment  of some sort on Facebook that will answer that question for me!!

Thinking of entertainers, I note that the Academy Awards are coming up soon [on February 27], and there was a bit of excitement in the ‘entertainment media’ the other day, when it was learnt that nine [9] Australians had been nominated for the 83rd Academy Awards. Jackie Weaver has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for playing a tough crime matriarch in Animal Kingdom. Other actors nominated were Geoffrey Rush for Best Supporting actor in the role as speech therapist Lionel Logue in ‘The King’s Speech’; and Nicole Kidman for Best Actress for playing a grieving mother in ‘Rabbit Hole’. The other six nominations were in non-acting categories. Rush, in commenting about the character of Logue said that ‘Here was a very interesting imperial colonial story and one of the key protagonists happened to be a very idiosyncratic Australian character’. I really must make an effort to go and see that movie within the next few weeks!

Late Friday night, and one set apiece in the second Men’s Semi final of the Australian Open – Andy Murray [Scotland] vs David Ferrer [Spain]. I’m hoping the Brit will win it!


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