Posted by: jkirkby8712 | February 11, 2011

Friday, 11th February 2010 – trouble brews in Egypt

I notice on the news as I drove in this morning, that despite the expectations, desires and wishes of the Egyptian people, their President has decided ‘not’ to step down, although he will not contest the elections due in September. I doubt that will satisfactory for the thousands of demonstrators who had gathered in Cairo’s centre this morning [last night over there], having been led to believe by the military and other indicators, that their maligned would announce his immediate resignation when he addressed the ‘nation’. This report has just appeared on news video sources:-

‘There is fury in Egypt this morning after president Hosni Mubarak defied predictions that he would resign and instead pledged to stay on as president until later this year. Mr Mubarak used a feverishly anticipated televised speech to the nation to say he would delegate power to his deputy Omar Suleiman and proposed constitutional reforms, but said the transition to end his 30-year-reign would last until September’s elections. His speech was met with furious chants of “Down, Down with Mubarak” among the more than 200,000 people who packed Cairo’s Tahrir Square on the 17th day of massive nationwide protests demanding the strongman’s overthrow. ABC correspondent Mark Willacy said hundreds of young men started surging towards the exits of Tahrir Square as Mr Mubarak confirmed that he was staying on. It was not clear where they were heading. There were reports that some protesters were marching towards the presidential palace. Hopes had run high that Mr Mubarak would step down immediately after the military leadership had announced hours earlier that it would step in to ensure the country’s security and see that the people’s “legitimate” demands were met. But by the end of his speech Mr Mubarak remained the country’s president’ 

His speech included the following points:- . “Mistakes are likely in any regime, but it is important to admit to those mistakes,” he said. “I cannot find any embarrassment in listening to the youth of my homeland and responding to them. I cannot and will not accept to be dictated orders from the outside, no matter what the source is. “I will safeguard the authority of the people until the September elections. “I will continue to observe the implementation step by step, hour by hour… to ensure the proper implementation which will be supported by the intrepid armed forces.””This will go by day by day until the path of peaceful transition in September.”  When I called in at the radio station early this morning to give my weekly little sports update, the host asked me on arrival whether there was any news from Egypt, and at that point, I’d not heard the outcome of Mubaruk speech. I personally have little knowledge of the Egyptian leader, simply learning about the situation from the media, etc, but as indicated by Ron’s question this morning, there is a broad interest in that situation from Australians even though there is no direct effect on this country in specific terms.  I think that the people in Cairo who were hoping for an end to the ‘Mubaruk regime’ are not likely to just accept their President’s speech in view of the extent of protests, etc which have been going on for the last 3 weeks or so – unfortunately, we can expect to hear much more on this matter, and the fear is that much of that activity will not be good. The Preside4nt’s words that “This will go by day by day until the path of peaceful transition in September” may turn out to be quite prophetic!!

Closer to home, in correspondence with a long standing friend yesterday, I learnt that that she was quite unwell, and in fact, by the tone of her words, at a quite low ebb in spirits, almost in a state of depression.  Must be a bit of a problem at our age levels perhaps –  certainly, from time to time, I have concerns and doubts about my immediate future, health issues, future companionship, and so on, and certainly, tiredness is particular burden many of us have to manage from time to time. In many ways, I’m thankful that I have many activities and interests to turn to, and even if tired, levels of personal commitment are an aid in overcoming desires to do nothing, and simply keep going. This morning, for example, after a warm and humid night, which  resulted in a restless and unsatisfactory sleep, the temptation was there, to stay where I was – not get up earlier than normal as required today ,in order to,  and as well as the usual morning activities, ensure that I had adequate material prepared for a 10 minute sports session on my colleague Ron’s breakfast radio show, as a brief stop off to another ‘painful drive’ in heavy traffic of over an hour –  if anything about a daily routine is to create feelings of ‘low spirits’, those daily drives,  in the morning and afternoon, are providing the ‘perfect’ stimulus for such negativity!!  Anyway, my friend sounds in far worse a situation,  with words such as “ But my life has come to a stop. I move from my bed to the couch & back again & that is my day at  present…………………. I feel completely lost as to my situation & do not know where to turn to now. I just want to weep, but can’t. It’s awful!”.  Unfortunately, there is little I can do, other than offer words of encouragement as a friend – she has husband and other family to turn to, and I guess that encouragement has to be to get her to use them for whatever support is needed. This kind of situation makes one very aware, that despite Australia being a relatively affluent and economically strong country, there are many in our nation who probably suffer in relative silence, and aspects of depression would seem to be a major contributing factor to that kind of situation.



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