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Tuesday, 1st March 2011 – Summer is a’goin’, Autumn is a’comin’

There was a period some 40 years ago, when I wrote quite a bit of poetry [well, I called it poetry!!], but these days, it would be a struggle to come up with something, I must have been in the right frame of mind in those days. I tried to find something to represent the first day of Autumn in this part of the world [Australia], but have had to resort to promoting a piece by one of our Australian poets of year’s past   –  actually, Adam Lindsay Gordon was born in the Azores, but as a young man, emigrated to South Australia after a brief period in the English Army which was apparently family tradition.  This is a sample of his talent in writing.

A Song of Autumn’

By Adam Lindsay Gordon [1833-1870]

‘WHERE shall we go for our garlands glad
At the falling of the year,
When the burnt-up banks are yellow and sad,
When the boughs are yellow and sere?
Where are the old ones that once we had,
And when are the new ones near?
What shall we do for our garlands glad
At the falling of the year?’
‘Child! can I tell where the garlands go?
Can I say where the lost leaves veer
On the brown-burnt banks, when the wild winds blow,
When they drift through the dead-wood drear?
Girl! when the garlands of next year glow,
You may gather again, my dear—
But I go where the last year’s lost leaves go
At the falling of the year.’

Looking through some ‘old’ writings last night, I came across part of an entry for this equivalent day, seven years ago,. At that time, I was working in East Melbourne, and travelling to work each day by train and tram. I was living close enough to the Sunbury Railway Station at that stage to be able to walk there. Looking back on that year, I was probably getting more ‘walking exercise’ than I realised at the time. Interesting to note also, that it was cool that morning as well.


From Monday, 1st March 2004

First day of Autumn, hard to believe. It was cool enough outside this morning at 6am, to justify a pullover to work, though of course as usual, once I got there, it would come off.

As with most mornings, it was only during the walk to the train that I remembered I should have massaged my left ankle or something, because it always becomes quite painful after the first few minutes of walking, and is likely to give way on me without much warning. Oddly of course, by the time I get to the city, the distancdes I have to walk there, I don’t seem to have any problem. It is just that first stage, obviously when the ankle is cold, that it is a problem.

As usual also, the part of the trip to work that I most enjoy, is that brief walk past St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Albert Street, and the start of the Fitzroy Gardens [where by coincidence over the weekend, there was a massive brawl between two Asian gangs, which saw one guy have his wrist cut off!!!]. I was well and truly first to the office this morning, Rachel following a little while later. The 6.34 had arrived a few minutes late this morning, so it was  7.45 by the time I reached the office.


Meanwhile, last night’s World Cup cricket matches saw the following results.

Match 12: Canada 123 defeated by   Zimbabwe  9 for 298 (Group A match at  Nagpur (India), Monday 28 February]      Match 13: Netherlands   115 defeated by  West Indies  8 for 330 (Group A match at  Delhi (India), Monday 28 February.




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