Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 2, 2011

Wednesday, 2nd March 2011 – Autumn Leaves, and sales!

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sun-burned hands I used to hold

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song
But I miss you most of all my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

[lyrics by Johnny Mercer]



But I miss you most of all
My darling
When autumn leaves
Start to fall


I’m not sure what brought that on – certainly not the drive to work this morning, which like most such trips lately, seems to add more stress and hazzle than my system needs.  October can’t come quickly enough for me this year, if for no other reason than to rid myself of these two one-hour+ drives per day!!

Meanwhile, with Susie up in Bendigo these days, it was nice to get a brief visit from youngest daughter, Jodie last night. She hasn’t been too good of late – a problem with her right foot, which she thinks medication is  assisting but is a very slow response. That and another medical problem, still not resolved either, has probably kept the poor girl a bit low in spirits and activity over the past couple of weeks or so. Promised she would keep me informed of the outcome of any results as soon as available. Jodie also came with news of the date of her University Graduation ceremony, late in March – she was worried about obtaining an extra ticket so that her Nan [Win Seipolt] could join Shirley, myself and Jodie’s boyfriend, Ash.. Had applied for one but not yet heard from the organisers.  I don’t recall a specific restriction on numbers when Susie graduated last October, or perhaps she found it easier to get the numbers she wanted. Certainly, there was a restriction when I graduated from Melbourne University in 1977 –  present with myself was Shirley, my Mother and one other – my youngest sister I think!  Must check that out!  Jodie also told me of plans for the birthday celebrations in a couple of week’s for Win Seopolt’s 90th birthday, for which I noticed that Jodie’s Facebook family invitation to the planned dinner would accept no excuses for non-attendance.  Although Win [or Nan to my ‘kids’, and Shirley’s mother] was not aware of it, one of her few surviving siblings was coming down again from Queensland for the occasion, arriving in a few days  – Val had always been a favourite down here with the family, and has been a regular visitor to Sunbury over recent years, particularly since her husband, Ern, passed away a few years ago now.

Relatively speaking, another cool March day, and while I think there will be plenty of  warmer days still ahead, it’s strange that this rather unseasonal climate is continuing in the manner it has. Oddly enough, despite years of drought,  plagues of locusts and more recently an excess of rabbits, together with the more recent excessive rains and subsequent flooding of many parts of Victoria, it’s interesting to read such reports as  wool prices reaching a 20 year high as growers reap the rewards apparently of sticking with sheep despite the adverse conditions. Mind you, that report was dampened a little by the comment from one wool manager that ‘prices were good but really only where they should have been for the past 20 years. ‘We are only back to where we were in 1991 though and you have to remember that. But it is a great boost for producers, as is the fact their wool yields will yield a lot higher this year because there is not the dust around, nor is there much vegetable matter in the fleeces’.  Even  cattle markets seem to be producing good prices – although not knowledgeable at all in this area, I’m feeling a little surprised that so much ‘success’ seems to be coming out of the farming sector in view of recent weeks!  But then again, perhaps we are only hearing the good stories – I think there are some areas in northern Victoria where the flood waters haven’t really disappeared as yet!   However, somewhere else where there is good money, appears to be in horses –  on Monday, at the opening day of Melbourne’s Premier Yearling Sale, there were 131 horses sold for a gross return of  $8.95 million!! That’s an average of about $68,305 per horse, with the top price paid being $310,000.  Not all good news however – for example, out in Port Phillip Bay, we have a number of grain export ships lying idle off  Melbourne –  flood damage to the Victorian rail network to the main source areas of the state, a shortage of road transport, and a late harvest, have caused a backlog in grain shipments out of Victoria and other states.

Over in New Zealand, a week out now from the terrible earthquake around Christchurch, we still haven’t been advised  of a final terrible death toll. I don’t believe all of the major damaged buildings have been cleared of rubble as yet, but it is likely that the greater percentage of those who died, did so underneath the major television building [CTV building], which apart from the damage caused by the initial earthquake, had a substantial number of fires burning throughout it for some days. Outside of Christchurch and the port city of Lyttelton, it seems that New Zealand farmers were spared the worst of the earthquake. According to a report in the Weekly Times this week, the quake caused only minimal damage to agricultural, residential and farming  properties, and this enabled many farmers to switch their focus on providing relief and support to the larger urban areas shaken by the quake.

On the cricket front, there is an interesting ‘British’ match going on at present – England versus Ireland – a game the English would certainly not want to lose. At the time of writing, England are 2 for 198 after 33 of the scheduled 50 overs. Should end up with over 300 runs.  Yesterday, in  Match 14: Sri Lanka  1 for 146 defeated  Kenya 142   (Group B at Colombo (Sri Lanka), Tuesday 1 March].

Postscript –  an astounding result- Ireland defeated England overnight, my ‘English’ cricket fans will not be happy.  Match 15:  Ireland 7 for 329 defeated England 8 for 327!!!


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