Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 5, 2011

Friday, 4th March 2011 – quick note taking

Susie returned from Bendigo sometime yesterday – to go to a concert last night [no idea where], and it was beyond  my bedtime by the time she returned home – in fact, it’s likely to be Saturday before ‘I catch up with her’!!  She and friends have gone to another of those 12 hour concerts – ‘Soundwave’ I think this one was called, and although I was partially awake, it was well after midnight before she got home tonight.

After another quiet day at the office yesterday, today was a little more ‘lively’, but I have basically being on my own for most of the week, apart from Committee meeting day on Monday. Speaking of meetings, we had a Radio Station committee meeting tonight  – a couple of absentees, however a useful meeting. We now have Maureen helping Mike in the studio office four mornings a week, so we currently have a rather handy little ‘administration section’ [unpaid of course] which depends on the voluntary goodwill of those concerned. Also includes a couple of ‘work for the dole’ equivalent young people helping out, so hopefully a few of those kind of tasks that tend to get neglected in a voluntary organisation now have a little team to attack them.

Some missing World Cup Cricket results:

  • Match 16: South Africa 5 for 351 defeated [thrashed]  Netherlands 120, played at Mohali on 3rd March.
  • Match 17: Pakistan 184 defeated Canada 138. At Colombo on 3rd March
  • Match 18:  New Zealand  0 for 166 defeated  Zimbabwe 162  at Ahmedabad on 4th March
  • Match 19: West Indies  1 for 59 defeated Bangladesh  58, at Mirpur on 4th March

Meanwhile, in the Australian Football League pre season competition, Essendon had a big win over last year’s Grand Finalists, St Kilda, to earn a place in next weekend’s Pre-Season Grand Final – the Bomber’s first grand final appearance of any sort for 10 years. Adam came back early from his day at ‘Soundwave’, ostensibly because he had to work in the early hours of tomorrow morning, but also to watch his beloved Essendon keep winning for him this year!


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