Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 7, 2011

Saturday, 5th March 2011 – Day in the garden!

Well, a part of it anyway –  20 years ago, I’d be out there all day for a week, now about 4 hours at a time is my limit!! The years seem to be catching me up. Even managed a walk afterwards –  mmmm, that was a bit of a struggle, because the old post ‘lawn mowing’ curse hit me –  the crook ankle, which by evening was difficult to walk on!!  Curses!  Anyway, at least by the end of the day, my lawn areas were looking much tidier – my actions must have created a virus of some sort before it was not long after I began, that he neighbour was out with his mower, though he [despite being in his 20s] seemed to be under the supervision of his mother, who followed him around as he mowed!! Not sure if I would have appreciated that degree of attention – certainly, in my various employment roles, I have never appreciated someone ‘looking over my shoulder’!

World Cup cricket – Australia is playing Sri Lanka tonight, and by 9pm our time, with the Asian team batting,  the Aussies have picked up a couple of wickets. Score 2 for 69. Decided to watch a bit of the TV coverage of this one, but not for too long – early start on Sunday mornings for Bill.  I needn’t have worried –  rain interrupted the Sri Lanka innings, and steadily increased, until it was necessary to abandon the game. A pity as the match was sizing up to be quite an exciting event. When play stopped, Sri Lanka after 32.5 overs were in a strong position at 3 for 146 runs.  However, that outcome means Ricky Ponting’s record of never having lost a World Cup game as captain of Australia is retained!


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