Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 9, 2011

Tuesday, 8th March 2011 – a brief note and a cricket update

Another quiet day for me  – even more so, following a fear overnight that I might have given myself a little dose of food poisoning? That shouldn’t have been the case, though some of the symptoms overnight indicated something of that nature. Or, maybe that early evening walk in the sun [minus a hat, which I was actually carrying at the time] might have been the cause!! Whatever the reason, it was not a comfortable night, and then this morning, one of those horrible trips in peak hour traffic that added almost 40 minutes to a normal trip, and finally got t5his driver to the office, feeling less than impressed!  I’m still counting down the days!

Even, surprisingly, not really in the mood for a radio show tonight, but we met that commitment as usual, and the mood quickly changed with the help of some great music. In view of the fact, that yet once again, the so-called regular presenters who were supposed to be on air, both before and after my time slot, did not turn up, I was particularly glad to have made sure I did!!  Eventually got home afterwards – to an empty house [with Susie up in Bendigo] –  after visiting the Treasurer of the local Uniting Church who has asked me to audit the Church Accounts for 2010. A few years ago, that was one of                  my voluntary tasks I decided to say ‘NO’ to,, because at the time,  the ‘books’ that were being given to me to audit were in such a state, that there was absolutely no pleasure or enthusiasm in undertaking the role. However, the new Treasurer came back to me last year, and asked to reconsider my view! I found things were now much better managed, and it was again a voluntary task which did not leave the doer in frustration and suffering from major headaches!  So I said,  yes I will do it again next year!!  Well, that time has come around again, and to be honest, I’m quite happy to help out!!


I seemed to have overlooked the last few games in the  World Cup Cricket tournament, which is currently underway on the sub-continent, so here is the latest. Tonight’s game is between  India and the Netherlands, at Delhi.

Match 21:  6th March – England 171 defeated South Africa 165 played at Chenai

Match 22:  6th March – India 5 for 210 defeated Ireland 207 played at Bengaluru

Match 23: 7th March –  Canada 5 for 199 defeated Kenya 198 played at Delhi

Match 24: 8th March -New Zealand 7 for 302 defeated Pakistan 192 played at Kandy

Must have been feeling lonely tonight – sent Susie a text message, enquiring as to how things were  –  the typical ‘annoyed’ daughter’s response came back  –  ‘Yes yes Dad, all fine’. Apparently, according to an entry I noted in Facebook later, she had a fairly noisy ‘party’ going on in a nearby apartment [on a Tuesday night!]. Knowing Susie, it probably wouldn’t have worried her much at this stage of the year, as she would be up quite late studying in any case!  Sounds like it was an ‘intoxicated’ group who had been refused entry elsewhere, so had returned to somebody’s apartment in Susie’s accommodation venue, to ‘party’ on!!

Back tomorrow!!!


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