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Wednesday, 16th March 2011 – politics and crime

Another Australian State goes to the elections in a couple of weeks  – New South Wales, which has had a Labor Government for a few years, goes to the polls on Saturday., 26th March. The general view seems to be that Labor will be thrown out of office, and the Liberal Coalition will have an easy victory, resulting in another conservative government in the country, always a good thing from my point of view.

An interesting, if not disturbing factor about this election, is that former One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson [who a decade ago, tried to drag this nation into the depths of her levels of racism and hatred] is attempting a political comeback, having nominated for a New South Wales [NSW]\ Upper House seat. Of course, as Tonty Abbott reminded us, as an Australian citizen, she has every right to do so.  It’s a pity however, that she is trying to get back into some form of power position again – I thought we had thankfully seen the last of her since her last failed attempt at a parliamentary role!   When asked recently if Ms Hanson was a citizen  or a serial pest, Tony Abbott responded ‘That’s for people to make up their own mind’.  However, NSW Premier Kristina Keneally has accused Ms Hanson of racism, and says that Lasbor would not support her comeback, nor direct preferences to her. She said recently “We absolutely condemn the sorts of racist and discriminatory policies which come from Ms Hanson and parties like One Nation.”

Pauline Hanson returns to the political spotlight just a year after she said she was moving to the UK because Australia was no longer the ‘land of opportunity’. A couple of years previously, after another failed bid to win a seat in the then Queensland election, she said that she was quitting politics for good. Apparently she has now moved to NSW where she needs to reside in order to be a candidate. Ms Hanson has counted claims that she is a racist by stating that she will be talking about the issues that are important to her and the people of NSW!  Which suggests to me that a ‘leopard can’t change it’s spots’  – we do not need her kind in our public lives distorting and manipulating the minds of those who are so willing to be led by the kind of  policies she tried to push into federal politics during the Howard years.

Meanwhile, another side of ‘public life’ if that’s what you want to call it,  gangland widow Judy Moran has been found guilty of murdering her brother-in-law Des Moran.  A Victorian jury last week,  took seven days to find Moran guilty of arranging the shooting murder of Des “Tuppence” Moran, who was gunned down at a suburban Ascot Vale deli on June 15, 2009.  It was alleged during her Supreme Court trial that Moran plotted with gunman Geoffrey Armour to kill Mr Moran and that she drove the getaway car to and from the murder scene. Des Moran had been a very public figure for many years, yet nevertheless his murder in a quiet suburban street a couple of years ago, came as a shock, as did the fact that Judy Moran, who ‘rushed’ to the murder scene soon afterwards in a state of  supposed anguish and distress, was involved in the murder.  I reported on that event at the time which was all part of a long sorry saga spreading over many years of gangland murders and crime here in Melbourne. Judy Moran had lost her husband and son, and other relatives in that spree of crime murders. She had pleaded not guilty to murder, maintaining she was visiting the grave of her slain son Mark on the morning of the killing and had no motive to harm Mr Moran.

 Obviously, her story didn’t tie up with the evidence so overwhelmingly against her, and she also obviously didn’t have much control over those who did the ‘job’ for her. In the trial, it was reported that   Crown witness Michael Farrugia testified that he was in the getaway car driven by Moran to and from the murder and that she was “in control”.  He alleged Moran congratulated Armour after the killing and told him and Farrugia she would “get rid of everything”.  Farrugia also said she threatened him to shut up or he would “cop the same”.  The prosecution had argued the murder case against Moran was overwhelming. It alleged she entered into a pact with Armour to kill Mr Moran and bought him a $75,000 car as a reward. Prosecutor Mark Rochford SC said Moran’s plan was motivated by an ongoing financial dispute she had with Mr Moran.  The jury also heard Moran believed Mr Moran was controlling millions of dollars she said was missing from business dealings involving her late husband Lewis Moran.

Busy evening – cooked myself a meal [steak& eggs tonight], then went out to a General meeting of the Family History Society – bit of a ‘working night’ as we try and get the organisation’s records and archive material into some kind of proper ‘library’ record which has been neglected for a while. Realised that I must make use of much of this material at some stage as I’m sure there are many items of relevance to my own family research. Though I must say, I was not really in the mood for a ‘working bee’  – in fact, feeling quite weary. These last few months ahead of me in my current fulltime employment, I think are going to feel like twice that period  –  enthusiasm for the role is declining rapidly, and add that to the daily traffic grind, ,I am, as I suggested to one of the other members tonight, counting the days!!  Actually, that person, whom I’m assuming is in her early 50s, was genuinely surprised when I told her I was close to retirement age!!  I guess that was a compliment of sorts – she thought I was her age!  Anyway, it was back home to an empty house at 10pm.

The last couple of World Cup Cricket matches have seen the following results. Match 35 was played yesterday, 15 March – South Africa 7 for 272 defeated Ireland 141.  Tonight [although I didn’t watch any of the match], Australia continued it’s unbeaten run in World Cup matches by defeating Canada.   Match 36: Australia 3 for 212 defeated Canada 211 – openers Shane Watson [94] and Brad Haddin [88] made most of the Aussie runs.


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