Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 25, 2011

Wednesday, 23rd March 2011 – let’s move on, away from the name-calling and attack mode!

The Liberal Party & Tony Abbott are continuing with their current anti carbon tax campaign, but a few days ago, temporarily turned their ‘attack’ away from Julia Gillard, to the former climate change minister, Penny Wong. This is what a release a few days ago had to say about Penny.

Labor is a mess. We all know Julia Gillard lied before the election when she said “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. But did you know Labor’s former Climate Change Minister and current Finance Minister, Penny Wong, previously criticised the carbon tax they now want to impose on Australian families? In Senator Wong’s own words: “I have been very upfront about why I think a carbon tax isn’t the most sensible thing for Australia.” (Press Conference, 3 November 2009)   Here’s more of what Senator Wong has had to say about a carbon tax:

“A carbon tax is not the silver bullet some people might think.” (Speech, CEDA State of the Nation Conference, 23 June 2010)

“The introduction of a carbon price ahead of effective international action can lead to perverse incentives for such industries to relocate or source production offshore. There is no point in imposing a carbon price domestically which results in emissions and production transferring internationally for no environmental gain.” (Speech, Australian Industry Group, 6 February 2008)

“A carbon tax or regulatory mechanism would take not allow Australia to take advantage of emerging international economic opportunities.” (Speech, Australian Business Economists Lunch, 20 February 2009)

“A carbon tax does not guarantee emissions reductions.” (The Australian, 23 February 2009)

“A carbon tax … is a recipe for abrupt and unpredictable changes, as the government would need to adjust the tax frequently to try to meet the emissions reduction target.” (The Australian, 23 February 2009)

“A carbon tax is a less efficient way in the Australian Government’s view of dealing with this issue.” (Interview, ABC News Radio, 16 April 2010)

“We know that you can’t have any environmental certainty with a carbon tax.” (Interview, Sky News, 30 April 2009)

At a time when Australians are already doing it tough, the Labor-Greens carbon tax will unnecessarily lift electricity, grocery and petrol prices and attack jobs in our key industries.  The Coalition knows there is a better way. Our direct action plan on climate change is economically responsible and won’t cost Australian jobs.

As the Opposition, I guess it’s easy enough to make broad statements such as the ‘Coalition knows there is a better way’  without feeling the necessity to go into too much detail about that ‘netter way’. While the Liberals do have a policy of sorts, as an alternative, I don’t think it is widely pushed around the electorate in general very much [fine for the recipients of Liberal emails, but then they are probably converted anyway, by being on the Liberal’s distribution list, as I am partially anyway] –  I think the reason this is, relates to the amount of time, effort and energy that  Tony Abbott and his chief  supporters put into the ‘attack and criticism’ of the government’s approach to the detriment of a much clearer and easily understood campaign on the ‘economically responsible alternatives, that the Liberals claim to have. I’m personally tired of the sniping, and name calling, and general attack mode that is constantly adopted – maybe that’s the nature of an Opposition ‘beast’, but I’m sick of it. I don’t want to be constantly reminded that the government approach is wrong  because ‘Julia Gillard’ lied before the election!. I think the public in general accept it as a given fact that politicians are ‘always breaking promises’ for one reason or another – let’s more on a little!!

Ina different competitive environment, the World Cup Cricket  is getting to the interesting stages, with the Quarter Final matches beginning today   –  in the first of these, a rather easy win for   Pakistan –   0 wicket  for 113, a  humiliating response to  the West Indies score of just  112. Australia plays India on Thursday.



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