Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 26, 2011

Friday, 25th March 2011 – Friday mumblings!!!

I don’t seem to have worked out how to control the font size of these blogs I write on here. It doesn’t seem to matter how uniform I set out what I’ve prepared, it still seems to be published in a range of varying sizes print and font styles. Admittedly I don’t usually type straight to the blog page as I am now, nevertheless I am still bemused that every attempt to create a uniform display basically fails. So I should apologise to my readers for the variation of styles that you see on these pages. The menu on top here seems to have most things available except the ability to alter the size of the material. I wonder why that is?  Never mind, I guess I will work it out one day.

Back to the office again today, after giving my brief local sports report on the radio just before I left Sunbury. My boss ‘Jackie’ wanted to do an appraisal of the outcome of my findings in relation to the national Modern Award [for wages and associated conditions] from the workshop I attended at Bendigo on Tuesday. This was more or less a re-assessment of where our small staff fitted into the new structure in comparison with our existing classifications. The Award had been constructed by the Labor Government on a national basis, but because there were such large anomolies between the various states, the outcome favoured some over us, and as a consequence, as far as we were concerned, the comparitive classifications that our job roles slotted into, under the Modern Award were attracting lower salaries than our previous conditions had recognised. Of course, the idea was that no employee was to be worse off [supposedly], so with the recommended salary levels under the New Award, we would be all receiving ‘over award’ payments in order to simply stay where we were! I wondered if all organisations would take this approach, or whether some might take advantage of staff who they considered unlikely or unable to ‘protest’ – a fear I suppose of some of the opposers to the whole scheme.  Irrespective of that, I guess I was not showing as much concern as my colleagues in respect to their future payments –  the changes would be affected from the 1st July, and I intend to be gone a few months after that date, retired!

At home tonight, cooked a meal for Susie, expecting her to be home before I left for a stint on the radio, but she was later than usual – in fact, apparently came down by train this weekend, left her car behind. Jimmy picked her up, and the both arrived here at home some time after midnight.  My cooked meal [for Susie] remained uneaten!!! Ironically, if I’d not prepared something, she would probably have been looking for something!!

Anyway, as suggested last night, your writer was not feeling too well, after yesterday’s celebration lunch, and by this evening, was wishing I’d not made a commitment to go on air tonight! Nevertheless, we ignored that feeling – in much the same way as this morning, when I would have much preferred to have returned home to bed, after visiting the radio station, instead of facing that long slow drive through the traffic. In both cases, we proceeded, as planned, and tonight, enjoyed another three hours of great traditional jazz music, from some of the jazz masters of yesteryear………………………..


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