Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 31, 2011

Wednesday, 30th March 2011 – more road trauma, and a moody day.

The news as I was driving into work this morning, was not something to lift one’s spirits – an overnight car smash down on the peninsula, involving a car load of young Naval  ratings, came into a very fast contact with a concrete telegraph pole, which spilt the station wagon concerned, in half, killing two and critically injuring the other three passengers.  These tragedies are happening on our roads all of the time, and yet the news reports of them,  never cease to leave  this writer depressed and upset about them, as though I was personally affected – touch wood, I never will be, but I continue to be disturbed.

It was another day when I virtually had the workplace to myself again –  I should like the peace and quiet that generally entails, but occasionally, the environment tends to become a little demoralising, and while it is a good opportunity to get many jobs completed without interruption, I found myself wishing I could be somewhere else today. And again, while it doesn’t affect me personally, the continuing crisis over in various parts of the Middle East and the Arab world of North Africa [Libya in particular],  together with the ongoing grim news coming out of Japan – not just the tragic stories coming from the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, but the growing concerns about the nuclear reactors – well, I feel for the people who going through all of those traumas at this time.

There was some good news coming through this morning  –  the Socceroos, under their new coach, early this morning, played a ‘friendly’ soccer match against Germany, over in Germany. Now of course, none of us fans here in Australia, can forget the 4-0 thrashing that Germany handed out to Australia, in last year’s World Cup, a result, that despite two good performances after that game, really made the difference in the Aussies continuing on in that tournament. Anyway, in this morning’s game, the Germans got off to another good start, and led 1-0 at halftime, but the 2nd half saw a great comeback by the Socceroos, so that early in that half, Australia was leading Germany 2-1 on their own soil,. And apparently, despite a couple of chances late in the match, the Socceroos held on to win 2-1, against a team that had won 9 games in a row since the world Cup!!  Great effort boys!!!

A night at home, alone tonight, as is the norm during the week now. Went for a bit of a walk – would have to describe it as a ‘half-hearted’ effort – before returning to cook myself a meal, that I could spread over two nights! Your writer feeling a little lonely tonight. Over the last few weeks, I have been going through the various concerts and shows I would like to get to this year, but apart from the ASQ, I’ve not really done much about them as yet, wondering whether I should spent the money, with retirement coming up. One of  my favourite orchestras is of course the Melbourne Symphony –  I noticed that their season opener was on the radio, so decided, that while I attended to other things, I would listen to that concert – which featured the rather lengthy ‘Symphony No. 7’ composed by Gustav Mahler –  most of his symphonies are extra long [compared to other composers]\which is one reason why I seldom play them of a Sunday morning – take up too long a part of my two hour program, although occasionally I have spread a Mahler symphony over two Sunday mornings. I generally try and avoid doing that, but on occasions make an exception.

Interesting that the three major headline stories on the front page of today’s Australia were so varying in subject matter –we had Ricky Ponting’s ‘My journey as captain has changed my life’ story, as related yesterday,  to the Bali talks setback – ‘No hope for PM’s East Timor solution’ to her refugee problem – Julia Gillard wanted to establish a refugee processing centre in East Timor – an  idea I totally disagreed with, and which East Timor has obviously decided, they don’t want to be a party to the proposal as well.  Fair enough. Thirdly, former Prime Minister, Paul Keating has spoken out about the weekend’s New South Wales [NSW] election, claiming that NSW is a drag on the Prime Minister – he was speaking about the likely appointee to lead what is left of the NSW Labor Party following the election debacle. Keating said that Mr Robertson, a former head of Unions NSW, wore the political deaths of up to 25 NSW Labor MPs around his neck and was unfit to lead NSW Labor in the wake of Saturday’s election massacre. And strangely, while it seems the appointment will go ahead, there seems to be a general view that the former union boss was not worthy of the loyalty of his party colleagues.  I have to wonder why anyone would wish to take on a role of that nature under such hostile circumstances? On the other side of things, former Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson has backed Mr Robertson, praising him as the one bloke who stuck with Labor’s heartland – tradespeople, single mothers and pensioners, during Labor’s final term in office. Interesting to see how that all turns out!


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