Posted by: jkirkby8712 | April 1, 2011

Friday, 1st April 2011 – a new month dawns!!

This date, in years gone past, often meant the playing of practical jokes on others, as an April Fool’s Day contribution. I have to admit that when I called in at the radio station this morning, for a brief sports report, before continuing to work, I would have loved to have created some form of  ‘April Fool’s joke’ for the morning’s host – but admitted to Ron that I simply couldn’t think of anything to impose upon him and/or his listeners!!!  I’m sure there will be something to ‘trick’ the readers in one or other of this morning’s newspapers, but with the one I have to hand, I haven’t ‘found’ anything yet!!  I guess that’s what makes such a thing, a success – if you can’t pick it!!!

It was quite chilly this morning – 5.5 degrees as I drove up the hill to the radio station, and later down to 5 degrees in the Airport area, but despite that, a clear sky and bright glaring early rising sunshine [the car drivers’ blinding variety] assured us that we were in for a beautiful Autumn Friday! That was indicated early by, initial count, at least five hot air balloons up over the city skyline – always a rather spectacular sight!  This morning I did something a little different – have been drinking very little coffee lately, just not enjoying the drink in it’s vasious guises, even the occasional morning cappuccino, and basically admitted this to various people, including the local Clifton Hill coffee house/cafe establishment where our organisation does much of our business for functions, etc – apologised to the manager, Ahmed, that he was not seeing so much of my custom lately! However, this morning, I called in with my paper, and settled down for 30 minutes to enjoy a cappuccino [which I did enjoy – perhaps it’s the take away varieties that my system is objecting to?] and a ‘light’ breakfast –  Iordered a poached egg with tomato, and I meant light, just one of each, but didn’t actually specify that so precisely. Now two eggs and two tomatoes on toast may not seem much to most people, but to this writer who seldom eats more than one bowl of cereal each morning, that little serving was probably enough to see me beyond lunch, and well into the afternoon!  All very pleasant but a little beyond the ‘light’ meal I’d had in mind!  Will remember to be a little more precise next time, though knowing Ahmed and his generosity, it probably won’t make much difference!!

Meanwhile, my day ahead looks like being another very quiet one – alone again, seems to becoming a trend, both at home and at work!  No wonder I was feeling lonely last night, and mentally very tired. Had a good walk earlier in the evening, but I believe I was asleep soon after 10 pm, rather unusual for this ‘historical’ night owl!!   I shall return >>>>>>>>>>>>>

After leaving work, doing a bit of shopping, having a haircut [well overdue, even if there isn’t a great deal on top these days]], I called in at Goonawarra to drop off a few bits and pieces – brief chats to James, Jodie, Nan and Val [and the dog!!]

Rather a coolish night – most of which I spent up at the radio station –  featuring two major areas tonight – a selection of music and songs from the Col Porter song book, a variety of artists, most of them probably from the same era of music that young Scott was playing earlier in the evening, 1946 to 1964, the main difference being the music genre – he was basically in the rock and blues format, my music tonight was basically jazz. Also played five lengthy tracks from a CD released by that great jazz pianist, Ahmad Jamal [whom I had the pleasure of seeing live at the Melbourne Recital Centre, last year], a recording which I think was basically recognising his 70th birthday at the time, released in 2000. The arithmetic adds up – he will 82 this July, and was about to turn 81 when he visited Melbourne in 2010.

Didn’t hear anything from Susan, bit disappointing! She had suggested earlier in the week that she would not be home Friday or Saturday night. I think she must have called in briefly while I was at the radio station, but as it would turn out, I’d not see her until Sunday.


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