Posted by: jkirkby8712 | April 4, 2011

Sunday, 3rd April 2011 – weekend musings

Woke up in the early hours of this morning, just as the World Cup Final was being played, in fact as it was finishing  –  India vs Sri Lanka. Great excitement amongst the large crowd, particularly as a supporter of India who won the championship. So finally, the 2011 World Cup Cricket competition was over, and India were the champions, after Australia had won the previous three world cups. A changing of the guard in more ways than one!  India won by 6 wickets, with the final scores –  India 4 for 277 defeated Sri Lanka 6 for 274.

It was just after that, as I tried to get another three hours sleep, that Susie came home  – at 3.30 am in the morning – I’d not heard from her all weekend, and the arrival at that time was a bit of a surprise. Anyway, I went back to sleep, until my ‘Sunday morning ‘ alarm woke me again, two hours later. We had all supposedly gained an extra night’s sleep overnight –  daylight saving officially ended at 2am this morning, with our clocks being wound back an hour, now back with official Eastern Australian Standard Time.   One should have felt a little brighter, on departing for the studio this morning  – not sure if that was the case.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed this morning’s program, which I started just before 6.30 am, and this week, featured Beethoven’s 5th Symphony – over the past few months, I have been working through Beethoven’s nine symphonies, maybe playing one every 5/6 weeks, and today, I decided it was time for probably the most broadly popular of them. Even people who generally have no interest in classical music, etc, would have some time, if just by accident, heard some aspects of this particular composition, and could recognise it as belonging to Beethoven! Perhaps! Anyway, an inspiring piece of music, in my view.

Jack came in this morning – he had only done a couple of previous shows –  came in to fill the spot usually occupied by our country music presenters who were absent because of illness – he was confident he could manage this morning without another sit-in presenter as guidance. Anyway, I got him  on the way, pointed him into the direction of a pile of appropriate ‘country cds’ and eventually left him to it! Like a learner driver minus  a co-driver!   However, there were two or three of us from the committee this morning, to help him out, at short notice, should he get into trouble.  He didn’t need us!

ABC Radio’s Classic FM station’s monthly newsletter ‘Limelight’ had what I thought was an interesting little article in it this month, written by the Editor, and entitled ‘The elusive art of true listening’. I thought it worthwhile sharing with my readers on this occasion.

“When people ask me why I prefer classical music, as they often do, I refrain from telling them the simple truth – I like it, because it’s better. That’s a sure-fire way to seem like a snob. Instead, I proffer an argument about what classical music is better for. It’s better for listening. I’ll happily concede that the works of Megadeth are great for doing squats at the gym and that the experience of flailing your body around in a nightclub is enhanced by the beats of DJ Tiesto. But try sitting alone in a darkened room for an hour and doing nothing but listening, to say, Lady Gaga [without having a psychotic episode]. When you turn off all the senses extrinsic to listening, classical music comes into its own. Just using your ears…..Not driving to work, reading the paper, cutting your toenails, chatting on Facebook or eating low-fat granola breakfast cereal.

It’s a challenge, for me at least, to do nothing but listen. You need to set aside time for it. You need to concentrate on the music alone [and not on your next deadline]. But when it works, you open yourself up to the transcendent ecstasy good music can bring…………………….So perhaps it’s not so much a question of what music you listen to, but whether you really listen at all. I would argue that true listening brings people to fine music as inevitably as a perfect cadence brings resolution. For me, being a music lover is all about mastering this elusive, exquisite art – the art of listening”.  [Francis Merson].

Keep that thought in mind, as we read, from the same publication, a brief item called ‘Music vs Sex’  –  A new study published in Nature Neuroscience links enjoyment of music to the same pleasure-promoting compound that stimulates feelings of love, sexual desire and food cravings in the brain. Researchers have conducted tests to monitor dopamine release at peak emotional arousal during music listening. The results indicate that intense pleasure in response to music is heightened by dopamine flooding the listener’s system.{And for those wondering, ‘dopamine’ is  – a chemical found in the brain that acts as a neurotransmitter, and affects various bodily functions including mood, sleep, learning,  and voluntary movements].

On a personal front, I felt Susie was unhappy about something, but she was not communicating –  got home just before 7pm, found the meal I’d cooked for her untouched, and she was in bed. Part of a brief note about other matters, was mention of the fact that her boyfriend of 7 years had broken off the relationship. I could imagine [perhaps, though can we really, about another’s feelings] how she was feeling – that news while like a stab to the back, as it would be to the rest of the family when it became knowledge. I’ll leave it at that, but I would feel quite distressed for my girl over the next few days, and while it may not have outwardly been wanted, tried to make it clear in that time, that whatever support was needed, would be there.

I finished the night, with little enthusiasm, watching the 2nd MotoGP of the year, from Spain. Australia’s Casey Stoner, who won the first race a couple of weeks ago, and started from the front of the grid tonight, was fancied for further success – it was not to be, he was ‘taken out’ by the mistake of the Italian rider, Valentino Rossi [who went on to finish 5th in the race] in the early stage of the race, and for a justafiably very angry and disappointed young man, his race was over.




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