Posted by: jkirkby8712 | April 8, 2011

Thursday, 7th April 2011 – committee deliberations and proof reads!!

They often say that the best time of the year to be in Melbourne is doing the Autumn months, and certainly this week, that is so true – some beautiful weather, and improving as the week goes on. I recall back in 2006, when the Commonwealth Games were held in Melbourne, that each of the 10 days or so, produced pretty well perfect weather for most of the time – a perfect month to hold the event. I should know, as I was a spectator at events on each day and night that year!

A useful meeting of the radio committee tonight – a very cooperative group, plenty of differing ideas and viewpoints, but nevertheless, working well together. As part of our current licence renewal process, the point was brought home clearly tonight the importance of ensuring that the broad community [to which our broadcasting licence applies] must not just appear to be provided for or represented by our programming, but also be a major player in the actual choice and preference of the kind of programs the station presents – the ‘for’ the community component should also be the significant aspect. It seems that the relevant authorities are trying to ensure that community radio throughout Australia are all in tune [pardon the pun] with that concept and philosophy, and those that don’t strictly adhere to the relevant requirements should never assume that licence renewal is automatic in the industry. Quite a challenging discussion took place, on this whole question, with the outcome of which to be presented to next week’s general meeting of members.

Back to the days of proof reading my children’s assignments! James, who like Susie, is undertaking a post graduate teaching course, came around late tonight with a couple of assignments he had completed, which he wanted his Dad to proof read before submitting. I must admit that 10.30at night, is not always the best time to be doing things like that, particularly with his over friendly pup bouncing around the house, however we got through the task, and I was quite impressed with the standard of presentation he had completed in both instances. That visit also gave us both the opportunity to get in touch with Susie, up in Bendigo. According to James, and a call from her mother last night, she was ‘managing’, still a bit upset at times, but working away at her studies – in fact, because of those, she not expect to be back in Sunbury until Saturday morning due to some late lectures etc, tomorrow. Probably for Susie’s sake, the less time she spent in Sunbury over the weekend, at present for her own peace of mind.


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