Posted by: jkirkby8712 | April 10, 2011

Friday, 8th April 2011 – an optimist!

After work tonight. I made a point of purchasing some flowers and a little gift for Susie, upon her return to Sunbury tomorrow morning. The gesture may not be wanted or appreciated, in her present state of mind, however it was simply part of my acknowledgement of the personal hurt she was going through at present.

Meanwhile, another big game of football on the TV tonight – in days gone past, nothing would have kept me away from attending such a game in person, but these days, Bill prefers the comfort of watching his team, on most occasions, in the comfort of home. Tonight, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, we have a clash between the two most traditional and historic rivals in Australian football  –  Carlton versus Collingwood. I once stood for most of a day in a crowd of over 121,000 people to watch these two teams play for a premiership. Speaking before the match, Carlton captain Chris Judd had this to say:- 

‘Earning the right to play finals two years in a row provides a real platform for Carlton going forward. In 2010 we finished in a similar position to 2009, however we did it with a much younger team and I genuinely believe there are some exciting times ahead. The whole group is now getting a real hunger for achieving something together. We want to be the best possible players we can be so we’re the best possible team we can be. We want Carlton supporters to have a similar attitude, the desire to achieve to be the best possible supporters you can be. We want a huge membership team supporting the club as we strive to achieve something special together, 50,000 members and beyond. For my career to be fulfilled I need a premiership at Carlton. That’s what we’re all working towards and we want you to be involved.  The Carlton Football Club is at a stage where we’re ready to achieve again and I know the players are really hungry for that. It will take a lot of hard work. Together we can achieve, on and off the ground. However to succeed we must have no passengers’.  [Chris Judd, Captain].      Michael Jamison was selected in Carlton’s team for  tonight’s blockbuster against Collingwood. He returns after missing the first two matches due to suspension and is joined by a New Blue as part of two changes. Andrew Collins will make his Carlton debut in tonight’s game against Collingwood.  Collins will become the 1,333rd player to represent the Carlton Football Club in the AFL when he makes his Blue debut against the Pies. Collins turned 21 in November last year; he is 187cm and 80kg. He will wear number 16 for Carlton, the number having been worn in 100 games for the Blues by Scott Camporeale, Jimmy Buckley, and Maurie Sankey [three players from my period of watching the Blues].

Prior to the game coverage tonight – a direct telecast for a change –  I exchanged a few messages with my Collingwood supporting siblings up in Brisbane, who were also sitting down to ‘enjoy’ the match.

Well now, after all that build up  –  we didn’t actually win! A good even first quarter which gave promise of a ‘blockbuster’ game the match had been built up to attract the crowds –  which it did. At the MCG tonight, a crowd of  88,181 spectators turned up   –  the biggest ever home and away crowd for these two teams. Last year’s premiers, Collingwood were the red hot favourites, but one had to be optimistic that the improving Blues would make them earn a win. Unfortunately, it was the 2nd quarter that did the damage – Collingwood got away to a 4 goal margin, and while Carlton, never really allowed their opponents to get much beyond a 5 goal margin, Collingwood always seemed to have the answer to any serious challenge that was mounted – mind you, a few crucial mistakes, in front of goal, and in other areas did not help the Blue cause!!! In the end, that quarter time margin of 27 points, had been increased by just one point, we were never able to bridge that gap!!  Final scores, quarter by quarter in AFL Round 3 for the 2011 Season:

Carlton Blues:                    4.3.27           5.4.34                      8.5.53                     Final:  11.8.74

Collingwood Magpies:      4.2.26            9.7.61                     12.8.80                    Final:  15.12.102

Meanwhile over at the family home in Goonawarra, poor Jodie, also a keen Carlton supporter like her Dad, had to relinquish her viewing of the game at quarter time – mother Shirley, who had been bitten by an insect of some sort during the week, and had gradually being feeling more unwell each day since, deteriorated quite severely tonight, and Jodie took her to a local doctor  I assume he then recommended that if there was no improvement, she should go to a hospital.  Not long after tonight’s football match finished, I received a phone call from eldest son James, and expecting him to have some comments about the football, instead, it was with the news that ‘Jodie is taking Mum to the Sunshine hospital’, and he explained why.  That was certainly a bit of a shock!  I contacted Jodie later  – they were still waiting [presumably in the emergency department] for Shirley to be given some attention. It would be around 3.30 am before Jodie was able to return to Sunbury, minus her mother, who would be kept in overnight and treated.

I would wake up numerous times over night, waiting to hear from Jodie, or James, as to what was happening, but I would end up having to chase up that information myself on the morrow.  Family wise, it had been a rather dramatic week, and obviously not finished yet!!


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