Posted by: jkirkby8712 | April 24, 2011

Sunday, 24th April 2011 – Easter Sunday

When most people would have been sleeping, I was letting myself into the  radio studio at 5.50 am this morning – my aim to present 3 hours of sacred and classical music, with the first hour in particular dedicated to music either relating to, or simply in acknowledgement of  the basic message of the Easter message from a Christian aspect.  As with my Christmas Day ‘specials’ it was always important to me to be able to do something like this over the Easter period, and in any case, most of this morning’s music, while a tribute to Easter, was also a normal extension of the classical music I normally play on air at this time on a Sunday morning. That three hours disappeared very quickly,and I felt personally satisfied after the event.

From the closing words of composer Krzysztof Penderecki’s ‘St. Luke Passion’, magnificently presented by the Warsaw National Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, and the Warsaw Boys Choir:-

‘In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust;/let me never be put to confusion,/deliver me in thy righteousness,/Bow down thy ear to me;/make haste to deliver me,/And be thou my strong rock,/and house of defence,/that thou mayest save me./Into thy hands I commend my spirit;/ for thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, thou God of truth’

The balance of my Easter Sunday was relatively relaxed, and included a family dinner over at Goonawarra, which for a change, my wife’s mother did not completely cook and prepare – she had little choice with one arm in plaster following her fall last weekend!!  On this occasion, all of our ‘kids -‘ were present, though in contrast to past years, only one of them had a partner with them – Ash, with Jodie, was still on the scene! Despite a degree of ‘sadness’ around Susie’s situation, and a difficult night she had ahead of her, that was a nice little family gathering, and something that I am always so grateful to be able feel so welcome and a part of despite events of years gone past.

A quiet night at home, alone, this evening – feeling for Susie very much throughout the night, and without going into much detail, she had gone out to a concert in the city, with a ticket that her bf has previously given her – he was also going, but with someone else, and personally, had I been in Susie’s position, I would have stayed away! Anyway, I drove her to the train early this evening, and was somewhat ‘comforted’ by the fact, that her Mum and sister had arranged to pick her up in the city at the end of the concert. I would have offered to do so myself otherwise, as we could not have allowed her to find her own way home, despite Susie’s confidence that such a venture was fully within her capabilities. I’m sure it was, but the alternative was important today. Despite that knowledge, I would be up until midnight, and would not get to sleep until Shirley’s car pulled into the driveway at around 1am!! I didn’t greet Susie, knowing she would much prefer a ‘private’ entry and to be allowed to arrive home in her own privacy of thoughts, etc. Meanwhile, I used my evening to advantage, doing a bit of re-arranging of part of my book collection, noting along the way that there were still many in that collection, I’d still not read – just wished I had the time to get into some of them. Also worry often, about what will happen to all my books, when I am gone -really must make some adequate provision for that aspect one day!!


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