Posted by: jkirkby8712 | April 30, 2011

Saturday, 30th April 2011 – a quieter environment

After all the media excitement of yesterday, I made a point of staying away from crowds, busy shops [until this evening anyway], and took the opportunity to engage in a bit of gardening, go for a walk on yet another beautiful Victorian Autumn day, and do a bit of research tidying up of my family history records.  Susie went off to work for most of the day, and tonight, went out to a 21st party  – I was a bit concerned when she admitted that the former boyfriend was likely to be there; I wish she could try and avoid him for a while!!

For myself, a quiet Saturday night at home – listening to one of the classical concerts that I would have actually liked to have  gone to – but at least this way, it was more comfortable, and so much cheaper!!!!  This concert was a part of the 2011 Musical Viva Festival, featuring a popular trio of recent years, the Eggner Trio, together with a number of other artists.

Just a sidenote to the references over the past couple of days to British Royalty – one of today’s newspapers had a feature in which the 50 most influential women in the world were chosen [by a panel of half a dozen prominent Australians]. One of those selections [in the Icons section] was Queen Elizabeth II, aged 85 years. Here are the comments that two members of the panel made:

“She has survived numerous prime ministers, a largely embarrassing family, and the Australian republican movement. She is  beloved in her own land and hugely respected beyond. A great legacy would be for Elizabeth II to be the last English monarch who is our head of state’ [Australia].”  and

“What’s remarkable about the Queen is her stoicism and retinence. The Queen is one of the most powerful women in the world, but not many people choose to remember that she was born into a life largely beyond her control.”

It would be interesting to go through the list of 50 women named by the panel, but while most of those selected are probably more than worthy of their selection, there does seem to be a high proportion of Australian nominees –  well, I suppose it is essentially an Australian selection panel, so we shouldn’t be surprised.  However, Australian or of another nation, most of their little bios make interesting reading. Perhaps on a future ‘quiet day’s writing’ I might introduce the other 49, in addition to the Queen, to my readers!!


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