Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 12, 2011

Wednesday, 11th May 2011 – winter comes early as Bill battles poor sleeps, early starts, and more commitments!!

Well, after less than 3 hours sleep, I was up much earlier [on another freezing morning] than I would have preferred  –  my Friday morning brief visits to the radio station for a local sports report, were now scheduled for Wednesday mornings –  Ron has changed his day, but I had a bit of a wait this morning before he could fit me in, amongst his other regular interviews, etc. I think he is going to want to see me ‘before’ 7am from now on !  Oh well, I do volunteer for these things, so can’t really complain, and if I wish, I have the freedom to cut that little aspect of my radio involvement out.  However, at present [despite the poor sleeping patterns] I’m quite happy  to keep joining Ron for our brief rundown of the local football & other sporting competitions.

I was rather pleased to find a phone message from our Family History Society secretary last night, advising that tonight’s committee meeting had been postponed. We were in for a very cold night after what had been described as Melbourne’s coldest May day for 11 years  –  the maximum temperature didn’t get above 11 degrees Centigrade all day. I actually barely ventured out of the office all day.

The postponed meeting gave me the opportunity to watch tonight’s episode of East West 101 on SBS TV. In response to a question from a friend on Face Book, and the remark that the show must be good if I watch it, I responded as follows  –  ‘it does have a strong element of criminal violence in the show, which I would generally avoid bothering my time watching, but the storylines are usually very relevant and topical, and some of the acting is superb. Usually the storyline revolves around some aspect of racism, different cultures, refugees, etc – this week dealt with the situation of a serial rapist/cum murderer and the problems of many of his victims not been prepared to come forward through shame, etc, or the potential for ‘attack’ on their character by the prosecution. This week the star female cop [actress Susie Porter] is a victim herself of the man she is trying to convict, and she is having trouble practising what she preaches  to other victims, to come forward. I think that line of story will continue next week’

Meanwhile, a columnist from a website called wrote the following views about the show which tend to summarise my feelings.

“We’re impressed with the way it examines complexities of Australian life without giving easy answers; we love that it’s a local crime drama that doesn’t make us cringe;  It just hasn’t hit the dizzying heights of popular audience appeal you’d imagine a well-made local crime drama should. It’s disappointing that so many viewers are missing out on such a terrific, satisfying drama series.  Set in Sydney’s western suburbs, East West 101 is centred around Zane Malik, a senior detective of the Major Crime Squad, played by Hany. Malik is a complex character, a practising Muslim who moved from Iraq to Australia as a child. His job is to investigate crimes that span various ethnic groups in the community. While he’s had his challenges in the previous series, in this third and final one he is tested to the limit: a violent bank robbery in last week’s opening episode resulted in a terrible personal tragedy and that’s the driving push of this series.

Smaller crime mysteries also unfurl each episode, resulting in a narrative as tightly wrought as the chignon worn without respite by Inspector Patricia Wright (played beautifully by Susie Porter).  Each episode’s themes are fascinating in the way they tackle those huge world conflicts that happen so far away and which, for many of us, are mere words that flash across the news headlines — Somalia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan. But East West 101’s skill is in showing us how these events reverberate through our own communities and touch upon our own family life, even when we think they have nothing to do with us. It might all sound very serious and intense but East West 101 is, in effect, an excellent, compelling series, noteworthy for its quality, scope and diversity. This last aspect — diversity — is of more significance than I have room to discuss here but it still astonishes me how refreshing it is to see different ethnicities on our television screens, portrayed in a multidimensional way that isn’t tokenistic”.

Anyway, the series impresses this ‘writer’ and I would not be surprised if in next year’s TV awards here in Australia, this particular episode receives some kind of accolade!

Tuesday night saw this writer have very little sleep, if any before 3am, though not for want of trying – I think 3am was the time one daughter finally went to bed. She had gone up to Bendigo on Monday, came back yesterday for some reason, but didn’t get here until  the evening – any conversations I had were through a closed door L from which I discovered she would not be home tonight – I assumed that meant she was visiting friends, but in fact, I discovered earlier this evening from her mother that she had returned to Bendigo this afternoon!! I seem to be the last to become aware of these things!! Anyway, I had hopes of a better sleep tonight  – I knew where Susie was, and there would be no-one wandering around the house opening/shutting doors until the early hours!! And I think I achieved a better night anyway, although a message came through from Susie just before 11 pm  – I’m guessing she must have had a phone call from her mother suggesting that Dad was concerned about where she was!!! “At Bendigo tonight Dad, I did say last night wouldn’t be home, meant the night. Won’t be home tomorrow night either”.  So my concerns on Tuesday night, that she was only spending a day a week in Bendigo, when we were paying rent for a full week or month were unfounded, and this of course pointed to a problem of poor communication – which is as much my fault as anyones!  Communication, or lack thereof, is so often the cause of many concerns in this world of ours, and my simple life is no exception to that!  Even tonight, I somehow failed to read the complete message, so it would not be until Thursday afternoon before I realised she would not be back in Sunbury until Friday!

Let’s move away from that topic, and go back to where we started this day’s ramblings  – the weather! Following on from my comment, a newspaper reporter overnight would write [paraphrased] that  –  Winter muscled in on Autumn more than two weeks early [today] – with thumping rain and pelting hail in Melbourne and snow in the Dandenong Ranges [to the immediate east of Melbourne]. It was the coldest May day since 2000, with a maximum of only 12.2 degrees, and according to the Weatherzone website, it was the earliest in the year that Melbourne has had a maximum below 13 degrees since 1970 [41 years ago]. Autumn has just gone, and if it satays that way, it’s certainly going to be a long winter!!  Victoria’s alpine resorts had up to 15r centimetres of snow today, a mo nth before the normal start of the ski season.  Of course, apart from the weather, all of today’s newspapers were providing a detailed coverage of the Federal Budget from last night. I have to admit, that despite my broad interest in  those events, and the country’s economic situation, I didn’t really read any of that material in much detail. Other things on the mind.


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