Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 16, 2011

Sunday, 15th May 2011

The English FA Cup Final was held overnight – this year’s final described by some as the battle between wealth and poverty –  Manchester City up against Stoke City.  The match began at 12 midnight this morning our time – I saw most of the game, in a fashion, dosed off a few times, but enough to see that Manchester City defeated Stokes City 1-0. Now I didn’t take in enough detail of the match to be able to suggest that the winning team, after scoring it’s goal,  then went into it’s shell, and played boring defensive football for the rest of the game –  although us non-soccer people often see these big matches turning out that way, with just one goal scored in an event such as the FA Cup Final!! That one goal was admittedly scored in the 75th minute, and saw the Manchester team win  it’s first major trophy in 35 years.

Meanwhile ‘that’ horse ran again yesterday – and won again –  13 wins from 13 starts –  the brilliant Black Caviar. Competing in Brisbane for the first time on this occasion,  in a Group 1 race. A perfect day for trainer Peter Moody –  Black Caviar doing what she always does, winning!  I wonder how long the winning streak of this will go on for – described in one weekend magazine as the ‘Freak on a Streak’. Interesting, even people who know nothing about horse racing are talking about ‘this one’, and as the horse moves towards all kinds of records, it’s a simple fact that the Australian public needs, and loves, a world champion. According to the trainer,  Black Caviar ‘enjoys’ racing, so any talk of retiring her, undefeated, is washed over him – why retire her now, just to gain an undefeated status.  I imagine she will or must lose eventually, but at present it doesn’t look like it.  In answer to suggestions that the horse should run overseas [Hong Kong, Royal Ascot, etc] Moody has a strong reaction to that, and seemed unenthusiastic about such proposals –  “Why is it that as soon as you have some success in Australia you have to piss off overseas? She doesn’t have to go overseas to prove she is number one;  she’s been rated the best horse in the world. She could win the best race in the world at 1am our time and no-one would see it. What’s the point of that? Australian racing has a world champion, we need her to race here where the people can see her”. Good thinking, Peter, I agree entirely. At present, the Australian public loves watching her race – out here!!

Not so pleasant was the news from a jumps race over in Adelaide yesterday – the death of another racehorse, in quite distressing circumstances.  Veteran galloper Ledgers Dream fell during the running of the Dominant Hurdle (3100m) and failed to regain its feet. Chief steward, Graham Loch, told AdelaideNow the ten-year-old veteran broke it’s neck on impact with the ground.  Ledgers Dream is believed to have died immediately, while jockey Marty Kelly was unhurt in the incident. I searched this morning’s newspaper – no reference whatsoever to this incident, have we become so unsympathetic  to the deaths of these beautiful animals?

Now I have been basically alone for this whole weekend – Susie worked most of yesterday, then went somewhere for the night, and while I expect a brief early afternoon ‘visit’ before she goes back to work this afternoon, I seem to be a bit of a ‘lone lodger’ these days!  Two radio sessions today – early Sunday morning as usual, and returning late this afternoon for a program of folk, and big band music, mostly all Australian! I notice the delayed telecast of the Eurovision Song Contest is being televised here tonight – I used to make this an annual watching event, but my interest for some reason has dwindled in recent years.  And after hearing one of radio presenters [who has been in Germany to attend the contest]  tell our listeners who the winner was at the overnight final  – well, I don’t think I will bother again this year.  It’s a bit like the Academy Awards from the USA  – we always have one channels presenting a delayed telecast in our evening ‘prime TV viewing time’ but by the time it is screened, the results have been splashed over all of the other television news reports, etc. As for the Eurovision, our on air presenters didn’t seem to have heard of the winning country, let alone pronounce it’s name – I think I heard the commentators from one of the semi finals predict that Azerbaijan was a possible winner  –  good judgement, as that country from the former Soviet Union region came in first ahead of Italy and Sweden.  Azerbaijan’s Ell/Nikki Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal were the decisive winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, scoring 221 points with their entry song Running Scared. Italy’s Raphael Gualazzi (Madness Of Love) took second place with 189 points and Sweden’s Eric Saade (Popular) was close behind, scoring 185 points for third place. I might have a bit of a look J

Had a short look [at Eurovision] –  waited for the winning entry. then switched  over to the French Motor Cycle Grand Prix – strong win to Australia’s Casey Stoner, pleasing result.  Stoner earned his second victory of the season, while Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa fractured his collarbone in a high-speed crash.  Stoner climbed to second place in the overall standings with the win, and is now just 12 points behind defending world champion Jorge Lorenzo of Spain.


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