Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 21, 2011

Friday, 20th May 2011 -blurry eyes day!!

I see we have some crazy sect [over in the USA I think] predicting that the beginning of the ‘end of the world’ starts tomorrow – 21st May –  the day those people are calling ‘Judgement Day’.  That is according to Harold Camping, the 89 year old founder of a Christian cult that disseminates numerological interpretations of the Bible to followers via a network of FM radio stations in the US and podcasts on its website. Through a complex series of calculations, Mr Camping has arrived at the date of May 21, 2011 as his so-called Judgement Day, when only true believers will be spared – and that obviously includes ‘his’ believers!! But we have got a bit l,onger then tomorrow – apparently that is just the beginning of the end – the final ‘fiery ball of damnation’ won’t arrive until the 21 October  –  okay, that suggests I will only enjoy 3 days of retirement!!  It seems that ‘’ claims that God wants us to know exactly 7,000 years after He destroyed the then known world with water [in Noah’s time], he plans to destroy the entire world altogether.

Some would suggest that the world is doing a good job of achieving that outcome itself without the intervention of God!!  Anyway, reading this, I don’t think I will lose anymore sleep than usual tonight, worrying about the correctness of Mr Camping’s predictions. I think of more likelihood is the scientific findings of Australian astronomers, which  recently reported that the universe is slowly fading into the distance. An invisible force thought to be pushing the cosmos ever faster apart does exist –  through a repulsive force known as dark energy which is beginning to dominate over the pull of gravity.  This dark energy idea was proposed by Albert Einstein over a century ago, and this four year study by the astronomers seems to be confirmation of Einstein’s ideas. Well, I’m sure a lot of people will dismiss these kind of scientific findings also. While I don’t claim to understand  this whole thing about the universe, big explosions, dark energy, etc, I would be much more prepared to put my faith in the scientific research, than the fanatical ravings of a crazed old man!

In any case, I’m hoping to have a few good years still ahead of me with some positive reports arising out of medical examinations of the past couple of days!! Following yesterday’s visit to the cardiologist, I met with my eye specialist this morning, and he was equally positive that there were no evident signs of future major problems in that area!   So Mr Camping, at your age, you are probably quite content to die tomorrow, but don’t try and con the rest of us into thinking we have to go with you!  [Incidentally, during this morning g’s eye examination, I was given a couple of doses of  eye drops  – wasn’t actually warned that these might affect my viewing for the rest of the day – I was driving, and did notice the ‘difference’ very quickly, quite a ‘blurry’ experience on the couple of short trips I needed to do during the rest of the day – Bill drove very carefully and precisely, and only for the bare minimum of time required – officially, probably shouldn’t have even done that!!].

Tonight, I’m watching my football team, here at home  – it would have been a good game [I hope] to see for real, but from reports I have heard, all tickets have already been sold, so from a comfort, traffic, and parking point of view, the lounge in front of the TV seems a much better option, particularly as I am  to be joined by younger daughter, Jodie, for company. The only ‘down point’ from that is that she needs to bring James’ dog with her – he has gone away again for a couple of days, leaving his very demanding young dog for everyone else to look after – which usually ends up meaning his 90 year old grandmother!! Jodie is attempting to avoid one night of that by bringing the dog over here!  That’s okay, I hope!!

And the football  – Carlton versus the unbeaten Geelong Cats, whose mentor of 60 years, Bob Davis, died earlier this week, incentive enough for the current top team in the competition to play at an even higher level. A tough game for my ‘Blues’, the coverage of which is going to be about 75 min utes behind real time because the television station’s ridiculous stand on programming!!

Susie was out somewhere for most of the night, but I had Jodie’s company to watch the game, which  turned out to be a very exciting game of football in front of a capacity crowd at the Telstra Dome [the smaller of the two major stadiums in Melbourne]and ended a very  tight match – these close finishes, week after week, can’t be too good for the ‘old’ heart, but as the scores below indicate, things didn’t quite work out the way I was hoping – tonight, Carlton was on the wrong side of a close finish! Had a chance to snatch a win with just over a minute to go, but a kick for goal by our ruckman, Warnock, to take the lead again  from a free kick, went astray, and it was too late for a second opportunity!  That seems to be Carlton’s main weakness at present –  the presence of a tall forward whose marking and kicking is consistently reliable. This was a rather disappointing outcome, although a good effort by the Blues against the top, and still undefeated team. Final scores, Round 0 of the AFL 2011 season –   with Carlton’s progressive figures now showing 5 wins, 1 draw & 2 losses.

Carlton Blues:    4.3.27         8.6.54        11.10.76                 Final:      14.16.100

Geelong Cats:     2.3.15        8.6.54         12.11.83                 FINAL:  15.12.102


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