Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 21, 2011

Saturday, 21 May 2011 – Birthday in the family

My second son, Adam, turned 27 today. He worked overnight u ntil late this morning – I called at the local Bakers’ Delight this morning, and gave him one of Dad’s typical birthday gifts, a book [2 in fact!!].  He was intending to celebrate his birthday by a trip to a couple of pubs in the city with some mates, before they adjourned to the Melbourne Cricket Ground for tonight’s big Dreamtime match at the MCG, and annual game which celebrates Indigenous players in the competition, and generally, promotes the Indigenous cause. The two teams involved in this annual game are Essendon [the team that Adam supports] and Richmond, which both teams [as with Carlton] currently including a number of  Aboriginal players.

I’m finding it hard to comprehend that it is 27 years since that early morning rushed trip into the city, to be present at the birth of my second son.  When I left home nine years ago, it was Adam who came with me  –  not sure if there was any particular rfeason for him doing that, other than the anticipation of more independence for himself – the next 12 months or so, saw my ‘new’ home constantly occupied by groups of young people, mainly girls of course, and I can assure readers that the girls were not there for my benefit, lol!  Adam seemed to be able to easily attract friends, and looking at his birthday greetings at Face Book today, that has not changed much.

At the time of writing, Adam’s team are just behind, halfway into the game, which wouldn’t please him, as Essendon are the favourites. Meanwhile, some 21 hours into the 21st May, we are all still here, despite those ‘Doomsday’ predictions referred to yesterday.  A report I just read is noting that over in the USA where all this forecasting of the end of the world supposedly began, ‘some believers are shutting themselves inside to pray as they wait for the world’s end. Others are meeting with their children for tearful last lunches, and preparing to leave behind pets and be swept up to heaven’. Actually, I think the leader [Camping] predicted that the event would occur at 6pm in local time zones, so I guess that nearly 4 hours later, he must have got his calculations wrong again – he apparently blamed the failure of a similar prediction in 1994 on a mathematical error!!!  Well, say no more!!!

Is there something about Saturday nights that I am never allowed a decent sleep prior to my early Sunday morning radio shows??  Almost asleep at 11.20 pm, when I get a text message from Susan [at a gig in the city] relaying to be, a message from the birthday ‘boy’  –  obviously being a naughty boy, is a little drunk, his team lost,  he has run out of credit and money, and wants’ someone to pick him up from thje local train station at 12.20am!!!  I guess there is only one ‘someone’ available at this time of night, lol, and that happens to be poor old Dad!!! While most of the time these days, with one’s ‘kids’ now all adults, one feels generally unneeded as a parent, but every now and then, you never stop being a father, and doing the things you always did, when they were more dependant upon you!! Oh well, there would probably have been some other reason why there was little sleep tonight – at least this is a legitimate excuse 🙂  Train is due in 35 minutes, better get ready to be on the way!


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