Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 27, 2011

Friday, 27 May 2011 – football, tennis and politics, etc!!!

Another Friday night game for the Blues tonight –  this time at the Melbourne Cricket Ground [MCG]. I had considered going but after last night’s outing, decided against doing so, and at my age, lol, the open expanses of the MCG are a little chilly for my liking these days. That decision was confirmed after Jodie offered to come around to home,  and watch the game with me, after she finished work [as she did last week].  From memory, it is a special ‘charity game’ tonight, to do with the Olivia Newton-John foundation –  in fact, it is precisely that.  The Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre will combine leading medical treatment and research of international significance, integrated with the best of wellness care and support for patients and their families.  The Appeal is a major fundraiser for Austin Hospital  [Austin Health] one of Australia’s leading hospitals that provides extensive services for patient care and treatment, research and professional health education. Building on cancer expertise since 1882, the Austin Hospital, in collaboration with the global Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research,  seeks to bridge the gap between research, treatment and cancer care at the new Centre.  Olivia’s mission,  to help provide the best in cancer care and research, will be assisted tonight, at the MCG as the Carlton Blues take on the Melbourne Demons in a charity match [though part of the regular season fixture] for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.  This is a major fundraising initiative in conjunction with the AFL, which will include a live performance by Olivia prior to the match.

As for the football side of things, the Blues have made one ‘compulsory’ change to the team that lost by 2 points to Geelong last week –  Rob Warnock, the player who missed that final kick for goal that would have won the game for Carlton had he kicked straight, was suffering from the immediate after affects of concussion at that time, and that injury has kept him out of the team this week. I’m happy with his replacement, Shaun Hampson, who played the first five games this year.  More about this match later.

Meanwhile, over in Paris, I think I mentioned the other day that we had just two girls left in the tournament – I was wrong, there is a third Aussie female player who has made it through to the 3rd Round this weekend – Jarmila Gajdosova [formerly Groth, I think] defeated the crafty Spaniard, Anabel Medina Garrigues 7/6, 6/4, so she is the third Aussie player to make the final 32 in Paris, joining compatriots Samantha Stosur and Anastasia Rodionova.  Stosur and Rodionova play tonight, our time, while Jarmila’s third round match will be tomorrow night.  Stosur is first up on centre court against Argentine Gisela Dulko on Friday night (EST) while Anastasia Rodionova plays third seed Vera Zvonareva in the final match of the day on court one. Gajdosova is due to meet Germany’s world No.12 Andrea Petkovic in their third round clash on Saturday night at Roland Garros.

Of course. being Friday, my inbox has received the weekly ‘Liberal Party’ message, and sad to say, it is as negative as usual, in fact at present, the media seems to focusing on a bit of disunity within some sections of the Coalition Opposition, and much of it seems to be focused on Tony Abbott’s over-use [in some eyes, including mine], of his constant attacking and negative tactics towards the Government   An example follows, in today’s message –   ‘As the graph below shows [I’ve not included it here], the Labor Government has failed to deliver a single budget surplus since coming to office in 2007.  In fact, Labor hasn’t even delivered a surplus in the past 21 years.  Labor simply cannot manage money. It is creating successive budget deficits because it is spending beyond its means. This, coupled with a record $107 billion debt in 2011/12, will continue to put upward pressure on inflation and interest rates’.  I would personally like to see these messages project a little bit more in the way of positive approaches as to how the Opposition could or would do things better, or in a different way.  At the moment, that is not the kind of approach Tony Abbott is actually demonstrating.  It’s becoming a little repetitive, and disappointing!  I’m feeling that if he wants to remain the person in charge, leading up to the next potential election [still 2 years away] that attitude may need to change!

 To be continued >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Continuing. Interesting little exercise this morning, attempting to extract a ‘misguided’ possum out of the office kitchen area, where over the past two nights, it has enjoyed the feast of a few food items which had inadverttently being left where they shouldn’t have been!! I think our little friend had then been unable to find it’s way out of the building, and was discovered this morning, cowering between the back of a filing cabinet and an external window – noticed from outside!!! Now these creatures can be quite vicious when cornered or trapped, so the exercise of encouraging it to remove itself from the building through the now open doorway was not attempted without some caution [and concern for the possum itself]. All went well, except the possum, in it’s desire to get away quickly from this bunch of human creatures, mistook the glass window beside the doorway for a quick exit!!! Bang!!  I think our possum would have spent the rest of the morning with a headache – a brief retreat backwards, second attempt found the open doorway, and sprinted out towards the trees – no immediate relief there, as maintenance people were in the area, trimming the estate trees, so I imagine in it’s attempts to find a refuge, it would have needed to dodge a few more of us humans!!!

I enjoyed my younger daughter’s company at home tonight to watch the football, which had the expected result as far as my team was concerned, though it was not really a match that one would remember long into the future. Carlton seemed to be in control for the entire game, but only really dominated on the scoreboard  in the final quarter. However, that win moved the Blues up to third spot on the ladder, for the time being!  Quarter by quarter scores were as follows:

Carlton Blues:              3.4.22     5.8.38      8.12.60     FINAL:  13.15.93

Melbourne Demons:   1.2.8         3.4.22      4.7.31     Final:  6.10.46

Now the disappointing news overnight for Australia, came from the French Open Tennis, in Paris.  Our big hope in the Women’s tournament, and full of confidence at present – Sam Stosur – well, she went down, was defeated overnight, and I was rather disappointed to hear that news.  No free to air coverage of the tennius at present – I guess it’s on Pay TV, so I have to depend on news reports or the internet to keep up with results. In fact, both of our girls playing tonight, were defeated – Stosur, favourite to win her match,  lost in a shock loss to World No. 51 Argentine player, Gisela Dulko 6/4, 1/6, 6/3, while Anastacia Rodionova lost her 3rd round game against Vedra Zvonareva 6/2,6/3.  We still have one faint hope of further success – Jarmila Gajdosova plays tonight in her 3rd round game, although on rankings etc, we should noit depend too heavily on Jarmila. Meanwhile, I wonder what Sam’s explanation of her shock loss will be – she was in good form, had beaten her opponent twice in recent times, and was one of the hopes of reaching the final again!


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