Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 30, 2011

Monday, 30 May 2011 – another year, another anniversary date.

Remembering this date, 21 years ago, when my Mother passed away, following a heart attack, and then a subsequent stroke.  The years seem to have vanished into the distant past, yet in many ways, it still seems like yesterday, and certainly the memories and love that were broken at that time, have never faded.

I shall return later today, to continue with this day’s contribution. A cool, foggy morning, but followed [at present]  by some brilliant mid morning sunshine.

One of the books I’m currently reading is by Gai Waterhouse called ‘In My Words’  –  Gai is one of Australia’s most successful, hard-working and innovative racehorse trainers. This book consists basically of her diary written over the last 3 or 4 years, and I am particularly attracted to it because of that style of writing –diary/blog, etc. Now you might expect Gai’s ‘diary’ to be completely dominated by  horse writings down to the minutest detail of the racing industry. Sure there is plenty of that, but in fact, it is far more than that – the activities of her life, philosophy, relationships, dreams, etc.  In just one page, I can relate three different aspects of that broad based approach to her writing. A couple of examples:-

‘People often ask me, “How did you meet so and so?” I always say, “I said hello” or “I gave a smile”. I find it fascinating meeting new people; they always have something new and interesting to say and often have a different slant on life’. [p.38]

‘The greatest delight outside securing the colt, was staying at the most enchanting luxury hotel, Mollies, in Auckland. Frances Wilson and Stephen Fitzgerald are the proprietors, and the hotel has been in Frances’ family for 40 years. She and her husband have decided to make it a haven for opera lovers, and each night before dinner the guests are entertained by some of New Zealand’s most talented young opera stars’. [p.39]

‘Meurice [Australia’s 2007 champion Two Year Old horse] had the most wonderful, open personality, the nicest of natures and most of all he was a supreme athlete. When the veterinarian told us that he could not be saved, the boys and girls who have had the pleasure of working with this colt were devastated. Racing is full of highs and lows and this certainly shows that one has to enjoy the wins when they come along. We will miss Meurice enormously’. [p39]

Anyone who has watched Gai Waterhouse on the TV screens after one of her horses has had a success will attest to the fact that she ‘enjoys those moments to the fullest!!!

Back home to an empty house again tonight –  and a couple of regular programs on the TV later on – me might leave comment on those until the morrow.

Meanwhile, back to the date in question, the anniversary of my mother’s passing. I included a brief tribute on Face Book to her today, and was particularly pleased at one of the responses that appeared, from eldest son, James, with the words  –    I’m glad that I still remember quite a bit of Grandma :-)”  ……………………………………..a tribute within itself!                                                                   


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